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Cleanup of external binaries: always use "util::which" to resolve binaries

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Tolerate instances that do not ship with xowiki, as this is not a dependency

protect query-parameters against exceptions with empty values

The page_conract filter require a "notnull", otherwise it lets

values like ...?v=&... through, although {v:boolean} was used.

These empty values will cause exceptions, when it is later

assumed that "v" has a proper boolean value.

improved spelling

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added ability to order by time values

improve strictness of tests

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add the daydifference to listing of long calls, when this was more than one day ago

Added support for ordering long-calls by start time or by end time

include request start in long-call listing

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minor updates

most significant changes:

- longer lines kept for long-calls

- adapted size of buffer for long-call analysis

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Remember pool settings for the number-of-lines filter

Added pool filtering and improved layout for Bootstrap 5

- added filter option for pools on "long-calls" page

- added support for Bootstrap 5

- added adp:icon for parameter

- Bumped version to 0.65

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use the highcharts package if available

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prevent double-sorting

some more fine-tuning

Make use of extended functionality of OrderedComposite->orderby with -type argument

bumped version number to 0.64

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switch from xo::db::sql to acs::dc interface

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protect against a potential division by zero

trim potentially partial lines

minor cleanup for returnurls

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strengthen page contract, add breadcrums

restrict permissions of ip-info page

use tcl "max" idiom

make end of options explicit

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reduce verbosity

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fix filtering logic

avoid double loading of bootstrap

added pool to long-calls statistics (requires at least NaviServer 4.99.5, May 2013)

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use "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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add support for deleted users, handle this case centrally

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