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xotcl/chache: added button to flush all caches

improved prepared-statement handling

- avoid separate SQL statement for testing, whether prepared statement

exists already in the SQL session.

- use true SQL session-id (obtained via "ns_pg pid") when available

- improve source code documentation

added @see tags for deprecated commands

improve comment

make use of "from_cache_indicator" for the per_request_cache in instantiate_forms

Provide an exception in case get_instance_from_db is called with an invalid argument combination.

Added convenience methods "::xo::db::CrClass->ensure_item_ids_instantiated"

Add the root folder id to the cache key so that when one does not specify any parent_id, the method still reacts to a package being uninstantiated or the root folder messed around with

Fixes xowiki automated tests when run all together in the same request

Port reform that replaces publish status display from a png to a character + css style to the xowiki/admin/list

The behavior of the default table widget had to be adapted to reflect that of the bootstrap one: css class from the line is appended to that from the field definition

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use per-request cache for relatively expensive operation, which is called potentially often per request

We might consider in the future a longer lasting cache for "global" form pages.

performance improvements for "::xo::db::Class proc get_instance_from_db"

when the object exists already, the text for existance is made earlier

to void useless operations. This change improves the performance by a factor of 3

when the object was already loaded.

OLD {4.544836 microseconds per iteration}

NEW {1.310991 microseconds per iteration}

improve comment

base refetch on "publish_date" rather than on "last_modified" of a CR item object

Interestingly, the last_modified field of an item is not updated, when an revision is added,

but the publish_date is

on CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

deactive callback definition to avoid calls of deprecated xo::parameter functions

Separate csv formatting and csv sending to increase reusablity

make debug messages more uniform (start always with object and method name)

add debugging info to figure out where xo::parameter is used directly in downstream code

modernize code

remove pipe open (although this is just a fallback file, which is normally not called)

fix dirty buffer of last commit

Added support for multiplicity in value constraints of "query_parameter"

Calls like e.g.

set id [:query_parameter some_id:int32]

are actually equivalent to

set id [:query_parameter some_id:int32 ""]

and accept therefore as result also an empty value. By being able to

specify an explicit multiplicity, we can force non-empty values:

set id [:query_parameter some_id:int32,1..1]

This means effectively that the default multiplicity is "0..1".

part 2 of parameter reform

unify xo::parameter handling with classical parameter handling (parameter::get).

This change implements calls for "::xo::parameter get" by parameter::get

and outputs deprecated log entries. In addition, the initialization

of all parameters is deactivated, such that startup time is slightly faster.

so far, the full code is kept but deactivated to allow to change

quickly back, in case early adaptors run into troubles.

At least in cases, where new naviserver versions are used, the implementaton

of parameter::get became sufficiently fast to beat the xo::parameter

implementation, which was at time of its introduction ~30x faster.

improve german message keys (spelling, comma, spaces, orthogonality)

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Deactivate compatibility with versions before OpenACS 5.2 (2005) in

busy code, but leave it there commented out for easy reactivating in

legacy applications.

use variable to reference kernel id, white space and comment changes

remove indent as well on xotcl procs, handle also per-object methods the same way

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prettify API browser rendering for nx methods

- remove redundant doc block

- remove indentation

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added support for NX ensemble methods

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correct variable name

undo escaped changes (debugging info)

avoid that invalid tags are inserted to the db

The inserted tags have to be compatible with


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