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Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

Prefer util::which to retrieve the unzip executable

Complain in the logfile whenever the insertion of the null character is attempted in the syndication table

Implement a conversion from MS pptx to plaintext:

first slides are extracted from the presentation, then everything that is not the content of a text tag is removed.

More targeted sanityzing only on the variables that have a chance to contain the null character

Translate potential null characters in the syndication content with the empty string, so that we do not risk to try (and fail) to insert them in the database

Reduce hard errors in the search indexer on invalid file content

This change uses util::file_content_check introduced with acs-tcl

5.10.1d9 to detect error situations before external programs are

called, which can lead to unpredictable error messages.

bumped version to 5.10.1d1

fix issue shown with acunetix testing (without login)

Fixes during the creation of the search observer queue for Oracle 19c:

In essence, the change repairs the following error:

Warning: Package Body created with compilation errors.



-------- -----------------------------------------------------------------

16/7 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored

16/40 PL/SQL: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

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Don't trust blindly the mime-type determined by the file extension and try to use the unix command "file" when available

Deprecate template::util::tcl_to_sql_list, completely replaced by ns_dbquotelist, a native NaviServer command

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fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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regenerated documentation

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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added page contract filter "printable" to avoid potential DB errors on certain binary values

Whitespace changes

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replace low-level cr_fs_path by higher level interface content::revision::get_cr_file_path

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remove spurious parens

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improve spelling

Handle potential race condition in search observer queue maintenance

In some cases, when e.g. objects are quicky deleted after updates, the

object might be already be deleted when being tried to trigger a

DELETE operation in the search queue. as a consequence, one can sometimes

observer errors like the one below. The new code double-checks now,

if the object for the DELETE operation still exists.

ERROR: insert or update on table "search_observer_queue" violates foreign key constraint "search_observer_queue_object_id_fk"

: DETAIL: Key (object_id)=(497509146) is not present in table "acs_objects".

: CONTEXT: SQL statement "insert into search_observer_queue (

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file upgrade-5.10.0d3-5.10.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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whitespace changes: break overlong lines

whitespace changes

white space changes: break overlong lines

mark private functions as private

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avoid setting of unneeded function, reduce access to nsvs

provide a flushing interface to apm_package_id cache to avoid the need to call the uncached code directly

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Reinstate proc as private, remove dependency to such proc in external package

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prefer ns_dbquotevalue over db_quote, mark latter as deprecated

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