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Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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Make service contract implementation private and replace foreign occurrences

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Whitespace changes

Make service contract implementation private: they are not meant to be invoked directly

Make service contract implementations private

Whitespace cleanup

Deprecate twt::user::create and twt::user::delete, superseded by their acs::test::user:: counterparts

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Fix self-inflicted bug: one should indeed be able to specify the same form var multiple time, test the behavior for the future

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Reimplement upload automated test using a real multipart request, as newer naviserver will reject handcrafted .tmpfile parameters

Bring test closer to reality

Test the behavior of the file-storage when a malicious user would try to store a pre-existing file on the server as its own

The fix for the file-storage is a simple validation to make sure that the tmpfile exists, however, for the generic case of the file widget, we cannot trust the tmpfile value when this was not generated by the server. This will probably cause regression when one wants to show a "preview" of a form, to be continued.

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Whitespace cleanup

acs::test::user::delete: added flag -delete_created_acs_objects and fix regression test for file-storage

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Fixes for Oracle 19c: more fixes of handling of Boolean values

ad_conn provides since a long time a fallback when the package_id is queried outside of a connection context, hence no need for these concerning catches

Make fs::get_file_package_id more robust to cases where the package_id is not set on the object itself: climb up the hierarchy

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase, bring together identical queries, fix typo in the xql file

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Whitespace cleanup

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fix typo

Fix typo, increase api coverage

allow to specify max upload size in configuration file in KB or MB

Fix test category, add tested api

Fix typo, write a basic test for the involved api

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Fix typo

Make oacs-dav only a weak dependency for file-storage, if the package is not there, just treat it as if the parameter was disabled

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perform proper cleanup after the test

Avoid rollback in web tests

Avoid rollback in 'fs_add_file_to_folder' test in particular

Rollback after tests

fix error message