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alter dtype::form::edit to accept a value for object_type; adjust the form

in www/form-ae.tcl so it passes object_type.

Needed because dtype::form::edit did not otherwise know how to get that value.

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corrected misspelled variable name form_d -> form_id

changing lang message acs-kernel.common_No to acs-kernel.common_No since the upper case reference is not in the kernel

changeing message key acs-kernel.common_no to acs-kernel.common_No (since the label is No as well), adding a new message key acs-kernel.common_no (with lower case "no")

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added permission checks

added pages to select element widget and to edit element parameters

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removed index page with just one link

fix: forgot to provide value for variable default_locale in export code

added page to export tcl code to recreate dynamic attributes and forms

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added pages to admin dynamic types and forms

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