matthewg in OpenACS

Fixing the contact::history callback

Removing commented out content

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Bugfix and i18n for object names

I missed one reference to the user_new_template in my last commit, this fixes that

UserInfoTemplate should be used instead of UserNewTemplate when at /pvt/home since we are not creeating a new user but editing the info on an existing one

Removing custom sql and instead using the tcl api to get the best revision id for pm::project::get_project_item_id

Adding no_perm_check to contacts::person::new when adding to the contacts default group since permissions checks take place before this proc is run

Adding the ability to add the opposite end of a relationship, i.e. either an employer OR an employee when creating a new contact

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Moving context_id to be included in the form even if there are no file attachments (integration from csreurope)

changing lang message acs-kernel.common_No to acs-kernel.common_No since the upper case reference is not in the kernel

Removing dos based ^M characters from the end of lines in user-tracking/www/communities-card.tcl

Fixing the way ams uses forms on attribute-add to work with the new methods in 5.3+

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Fixing template::widget::menu. Checkbox and radio widgets are checked not selected when active. See:

Weekly update should be on monday not tuesday

Adding pm::task::email_status_not_lead which is run monday morning and associated lang messages

Adding project to the table of info set via email_status

Fixing minor typo

Fixing the pm::task::email_status proc so that it is instance aware and actually works

Fixing bug where label is called but name is meant preventing the proc from dying if the owner does not exist. Also adding the file extension to published file names (if it isn't already at the end of the file) so that a users default application is used instead of asking the user to select an application for a file that may be a doc, pdf, jpg, etc.

Adding support for ad_form sections/fieldsets as part of openacs core 5.3.x, this includes an update of ams to 1.1d18 because of lang updates

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Allow organizations to be optional at import and setting the country_code string to upper during import

Fixed bug in upgrade script

Replacing a db_foreach with a tcl foreach loop of a db_list_of_lists because you can run out of db pools if site_node::update_cache is called in the loop for too many parent nodes

Adding support for oracle for the upgrade to 5.4.0d3 which allows for file attachments

Notifications can only be bound to the object_id, so if any contacts instance requests that a group use notifications all instances must use notifications. I've reflected this in the admin pages.

Adding the ability to use notifications to manage group email subscriptions. Upgrade scripts are included and version increased to 1.2b31

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Adding support for file attachments via file_ids in the notifications table, includes sql upgrade scripts and bumps the version to 5.4.0d3

Changing Mail_group to Mail_recipient

Removing option elements if not options actually exist and automatically redirecting to make a new email message if no mail templates exist

Using contact::group::name instead of group::title since it gets the class/club name from dotlrn if applicable