timoh in OpenACS

added attribute show_sum_p, prevented doublecklick on offer creation

added parameter to inherit permissions from root folder, if wanted

now using parameter to direct to projects-portlet used

file file-upload-confirm.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-2.

added callback before_file_new and page file-upload-confirm to be able to redirect user to a confirmation page before uploading / copying / moving files to folders

added switch to turn off logging of case changes since this produces a lot of waste in acs_objects and content-repository

changed catalog entries

changed invoice generation to immediately generate pdf

changed generating list of changed customer data: recipient_id can be user or organization

added joining of pdfs to one large pdf

added joining pdfs to one large pdf

added joining of pdfs, generating pdfs for later joining to one large pdf

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added joining of pdfs by using pdfjoin

added strings to warn when deleting relationships

added page to warn when deleting relationships

added client_id to cached attributes

performance tuning, minor fixes

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  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
fixed moving files by copy&delete

removed blank

added switch to get employee date from cache

added bulk action to move relationships to other contact

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export all customer data of customers with new invoices

localizing project title

fixing customer query: invluce data of new customers

fixing reports, adding filter for niminum amount

added queries for customer reports, filters by type, account manager, date, cost categories, customer sector, country

fixed displaying new customers created after certain date

extended report to filter by account manager, invoice item category, customer type (new), sector of customer

added calendar widgets

added report for invoice amounts per customer, filter by date and country

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