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removed code factored out to the separate "captcha" package

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Constrain captcha width to 100% of its parent's size

Fix missing variable

Fix typo

Provide an alternative exec-free captcha implementation using libgd and its Tcl wrapper https://github.com/flightaware/tcl.gd

This implementation will be preferred to the one using convert, when available.

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Compute amplitude and wavelength explicitly in pixels and make it stable with respect to the captcha size, introduce a random offset for the wave instead

Fixes acs-templating.tesseract_cannot_crack_catpcha automated test

Drop the pointsize parameter, use size instead, yielding more predictable results across Imagemagik versions and more controllable in general, make the wavelength randomized in the distortion

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Fail when no value is specified

Improve behavior: invalidate the captcha when the check fails, cleanup expired captcha also when a new one is generated

A simple image captcha implementation:

a random text is converted to a distorted image, its checksum, together with the expected text are stored in a lookup table. Upon validation, the text input by the user is matched against the checksum to determine if the captcha is correct.

Plan is to use it downstream on certain publicly available contact forms.

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file captcha-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.