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prefer all caps spelling for SQL

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Take care of removing the automatically generated group name translation when deleting the group

Correct inconsistent message key creation between group::new (underscore) and group update (dot)

improve spelling

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Close bracket and enjoy the fruits of automated testing

improve spelling

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Add a test about group membership for tcl api as well (will right now fail on direct membership)

Try to improve doc a bit. The proc seems to need some refactoring.

replace hardcoded /tmp by API function [ad_tmpdir]

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whitespace changes

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whitespace changes

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improve spelling

added more TODOs to half-finished (?) function subsite::pivot_root

added "create_or_replace" flag to subsite::new_subsite_theme

This feature is similar to the "create or replace" idiom for updating

SQL functions and eases the update of standard themes

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fix for issue #3391

Minor formatting changes

Use test api to make the test more generic, handle mixed-case emails

Use test api to make the test work in different contexts

Port from downstream: reimplement subsite::get_theme_subsites to be scalable on websites with many site nodes

Remove spaces after complaints at load time

Assume email is verified for this test

Move email confirmation test in a proc, as some tests need to reuse this when we are configured to require verification

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Add tested urls and procs to definition

mark argument explicitly as required, add default for cascade_p

Add test to check whether email confirmation works and behavior fits subsite configuration

group::member_p: add warnings, when group name resoling failed instead of silently returning 0

group::member_p_not_cached: remove misleading defaults

Whitespace cleanup

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

improve spelling

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Replace ad_decode idioms