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Promote logics in auth::authentication::Authenticate to a public api, which unfortunately cannot be the same due to the inconsistent naming, hence we have to create a new alias


- the proc provides some value to the user by choosing the right contract implementation depending on the authority

- we found occurrences in other packages downstream, and as internally this proc is calling only public api, one could just duplicate the whole thing and be compliant with our standards, which is not an improvement IMO

- the proc was already tested and documented

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fixed bug: exception in test case auth_use_email_for_login_p caused test to terminate

By adding an "ad_try", we can see that the intention to create

a user with no username failed. Probably this was working at some time,

not sure, if it still should.

This is could be a general problem with "aa_run_with_teardown" to

terminate too early in such cases.

improve listing of test coverage

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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Care about the parameter cache after test case

Set a bunch of test cases to 'production_safe'

Merge 'auth_authority_api' and 'auth_authority_delete' test cases, covering almost the same api

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Fix typo

Reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase

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mprove spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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Fallback to + #

Add missing authority_id on the 'auth_authenticate' testcase

Fix reported api, extend test

Extend test to cover more api

New test for auth::authority::edit and auth::authority::get_element

Create new test for auth::authority::delete, make sure lookup cache is flushed in the (unlikely) case that an authority is deleted

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Use testing authority in auth_create_user test

Apply changes to oacs-5-10 branch

Use automated-testing authority in the test case

Use testing authority in the test

Use testing authority in test, handle mixed-case emails

Use testing authority in the test, handle mixed-case emails

Use testing authority in the test

Use testing authority in the test

Add test about the portrait retrieval complying with the datamodel definition of a portrait

Whitespace changes

Fix uncomplete test description and simplify single -procs line.

use public interface instead of private one

Remove ns_parseurl from list of tested procs, as not being a openacs proc will trigger an error at load time

Test also the portrait api (exploit the fact that we are already creating bogus users), move helper procs to the beginning so they can be found by the testing machinery