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merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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bug fix on syntax error

add package_id to folder create

making list_related_items proc also select mime_type with the revision switch

making the add_revision proc default creation_user and creation_ip like other similar procs do

Fixed @returns -> @return

bug fix in the upload_file_revision proc. The creation_user variable was not being defaulted properly (the variable name creation_user_id was used)

Add optional root_url to bcms widget procs to support correct URLs

that are not directly under a mounted package_id.

Add bcms::template::register_template procedure to support assigning

templates per content_type or per item.

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Change optional creation_user_id parameter to creation_user.

Return item_id in bcms::revision::list_revisions.

Change optional creation_user_id parameter to creation_user.

Change optional creation_user_id parameter to creation_user.

Change format of date returned from query to use lc_time_fmt in bcms::items::list_items

Adding optional cascade parameter to bcms::folder::delete_folder to

delete all children. Default is false. Add

bcms::folder::content_types_select to generate a list of lists of

options for valid content types for a folder.

remove unused query

change -private to -public

forgot to add the xql part

adding queries bcms::folder::get_id_by_package_id.select_folder_id and bcms::folder::get_id_by_package_id.select_folder_id_with_parent_id that were removed from the Tcl file

brought back the plsql to add a revision to a template

made the api doc better, change SQL on db_* calls to {}, remove plsql call for creating a template revision

change SQL on db_* calls to {}, remove bcms::folder::get_page_folder, get_image_folder, get_file_folder out since they are bcms-ui-wizard specific, added bcms::folder::is_registered_content_type, move queries of bcms::folder::get_id_by_package_id to xql files

change SQL on the db_* calls to {}, made the api doc better. removed -content_type on bcms::revision::list_revisions. bcms::revision::set_status now throws an error

made the api doc better, also replaced SQL with {}. removed additional_columns param on bcms::item::list_items not being used, removed bcms::item::list_pages list_images list_files as they are bcms-ui-wizard specific. change bcms::item::format_string_as_url -url to -string, renamed bcms::item::item_url_duplicate_test to bcms::item::create_unique_url

made the api doc better, also replaced SQL with {}. i have also remove bcms::wizard_step and bcms::init_bcms as they are bcms-ui-wizard specific. i have also moved out bcms::register_content_type and bcms::is_registered_content_type and now moved to bcms::folder name space

Fixed bug with guessing mime types

Renamed relation_type to relation_tag in bcms::item::relate_item

string range ... 'last' instead of 'end' bug

i clobbered one of lars changes, bringing them back

- Allow passing in item_id when creating a new item.

- Adding more arguments to relate_item

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bug on checking additional properties

tested some of lars changes, we found out that we need to back port some plsql for 4.6.3. see bcms-compat.sql. i have also spotted a change behaviour on bcms::item::get_item_by_url

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