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Release notes for 5.10.1

file release-notes-5-10.1.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Ad link to 5.10.1 release notes

fix cut&paste error

Cleanup debug statements, re-instate safe tmpfile check

Fixes acs-templating automated tests

adp:toggle_button: add "href" (default "#") for use when ... tag="a" ...

fix dirty-editor-buffer bug

updated to current state, fixed typos

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release work

bumped version numbers

bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

  1. … 71 more files in changeset.
regenerated documetation

  1. … 27 more files in changeset.
regenerated documentation

  1. … 281 more files in changeset.
Prefer usage of xowiki::bootstrap::card over per-case markup

- Use xowiki::bootstrap::card instead of manual markup per usage case

to increase configuratbility

- Many thanks to Monika Andergasse for the suggestion.

- Bumped xowiki to 5.10.1d42

- Bumped xowf to 5.10.1d54

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Added attributes "tag" and "type" to "adp:toggle_button" to increase applicability

- Bootstrap3 is picky and allows just "<a>" tags for the navigation

buttons, whereas Bootstrap4 and 5 would also allow <button> with

appropriate classes for nav-items and nav-links.

So, use <... tag="a"... > for use of nav buttons with potential

Dropdowns with Bootstrap 3.

- Potential attributes for this tag are:

- "tag" (default "button")

- "toggle"

- "target"

- "type" (default "button")

The attribute "type" is just valid when "tag" is "button".

- Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the suggestion.

Be stricter with user output:

- enable again the check for monochrome pictures

- enable for the screen as well that one should not send the same identycal picture twice

improved spelling

file upgrade-5.10.1d10-5.18.1d19.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file upgrade-5.10.1d18-5.10.1d19.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

made names of SQL functions explicit to ease calling directly from the Tcl level

fixed comments

improved spelling

improve spelling

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improve spelling

improve spelling

minor changes: fixed typo, ease debugging, ...

reduce verbosity

fix setting defaults when partial information is provided

Bump highcharts to version 11.0.1

Highcharts 11 supports now light/dark color schemes, tree graphs, .... amd

audio charts to make charts audible.

Details: https://www.highcharts.com/blog/news/highcharts-version-11/