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Whitespace changes

Extend coverage

Cover more api

Extend automated tests

Allow to specify a user that does not come from the connection

Expand tests

Improve test a bit

Update documentation to best practices

Fix proc signature

Replace leftover occurrences

Deprecate notification::get_delivery_method_id, same as notification::delivery::get_id and looking more established

Replace leftover occurrence

Deprecate notification::get_interval_id, duplicated by notification::interval::get_id_from_name which appears to be more established

Handle upcoming tDOM 0.9.3

This might need some further rethinking

Prefer flushing the cache, this addresses the automated test, where multiple insert/deletion are performed in the same request

Extend test

Cache the new type_id immediately in the (rare) event that a type was created in a previous request with the same name and then deleted

Expand test

Fix typo in xql file

Extend notifications tests

Prefer the non cached api when deleting, as the id is cached in the thread and could be stale

Some tests for the notifications api, more to come

file notifications-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

fix compatibility with tdom 0.9.3

provided a default value for udp:// requests

added ADP:ICON to the list of accepted tags (for new instances)

Fixed variable name

Port of downstream commit from Markus Moser: remove terminating ; in sql statements, since the query parser complains

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Bump version number after catalog change

Make api public