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fix typo

Improve fix: if any other click handler would take longer than the timeout (e.g. an alert) don't wait again

Make sure disabling the button always happens before re-enabling the button and that both happen after all other click handlers have completed

Checkboxes must be retrieved earlier

Reduce hardcoded styling

Allow localization of "External Identity Providers"

Fix for sitebug #150 (security relevant)

The login widget at the navbar contained in its query variable

the password of a user in plain text (e.g. when the user has

mistyped the password, but as well on other error conditions).

Now, the password is filterer in the return_url in such cases.

Many thanks to Khy H for reporting this bug.

For details, see


fixed typos

fixed typo

Harden page contract

Whitespace changes

Cleanup obsolete variable

Use adp:icon feature to generate a style-aware icon on every theme

Don't customize the notification widget in the Boostrap 5 theme: modern adp:icon functionality makes this obsolete

Don't customize the notification widget in the Boostrap 3 theme: modern adp:icon functionality makes this obsolete

more fixups fr bootstrap5

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update bootstrap version number to 5.3.1

Reimplement the news admin index page to use the template system and behave consistently with the rest of the graphics

One reason to have custom markup here was the bulk-actions pointing to the same URL differentiated only via URL parameters. This limitation has been overcome in the previous commit.

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template::list bulk-actions feature:

allow to have URL parameters specified in the bulk-action URL, so that the same URL can be used to serve multiple bulk actions differentiated via different flags. The URL parameters override completely every attribute with the same name specified on the form.

Be Bootstrap 5 friendly

bootstrap5 bulkactions: move "ul" element to one level higher

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the change

bootstrap5 dropt down menu item: add "disabled" class to the anchor element as well

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the suggestion

use for bootstrap5 for select input form-select instead of form-control

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for noting

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fix indentation

Space the save button a bit

Truncate timestamp to the seconds

Apply the Boostrap classes also to the other buttons for consistency

Be Bootstrap5 friendly on the buttons formerly known as "default"

Fix typo

Modernize JavaScript:

- Be specific about the scope and lifetime of variables via const and let

- Always prefer "for" loops to iterators

- Cleanup obsolete wrappers

- Use single and double quotes consistently

- Use the equals operator consistently