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renamed ::del to ::delete

Copied ::new logic to content::extlink, added deprecated tags.

renamed ::del to ::delete

changed create_type to ::new and drop_type to ::delete

made use_context default to "public" rather than be required in all cases.

added return values, and @see tags

Added return values and a @throws value.

Added return values, changed content::keyword::del to ::delete

Added -deprecated flags and @see comments to procs with direct replacements in content::keyword::

Added return values and other general cleanup.


Grouped output by forum as well as date to make the box more sensible

Give jader access to CVSROOT

Needed I18N change

removing repeated code

adding missing set of variable community_id

adding missing set of community_id var

changed as_assessments.mode to run_mode because oracle wouldnt allow it

changed column mode to run_mode because oracle wouldnt allow it; added code for as_files to tcl from db-install-files

shortened constraint names for oracle; changed column mode to run_mode in as_assessments because this name is not allowed

fixed small bug in usage of sequence

added check to prevent insert of object with empty creation_date

added parameter package_id to template::new

added translation of database specific column-specs to other database format

applied patch515 for bug 1801

missing favicon

file favicon.ico was added on branch oacs-5-10 on 2019-03-19 09:16:51 +0000

file favicon.ico was initially added on branch openacs-org.

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added admin pages to add new items

added support for categories

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added pages to add a new item

added pages to add new items

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added new table to map item types to display types