torbenb in OpenACS

fix bug 2807 security issue during enhanced text/html edit.

Fix bug 3203 regexp needs updating. Made regexp more forgiving. Also cleaned up related parsing to help minimize future maintenance.

Commiting parameter description clarification and patch 920

beta, working versions

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updated, tested, works with hostnode mapping, too.

changed ad_return_error to ad_return_exception_page 404 with same message, because error is not with system, but with request. This helps prevent bots from retrying when user no longer exists etc.

fix attribute label and id matching for default input cases

fixing broken site_node::conn_url see:

adding flexibility for passing 'checked' as well as 'selected' in qf_options, to be consistent with passing 'selected' as well as 'checked' in qf_input.

fixing application of attributes in qf_choice

adding/improving proc documentation, adding qf_choice changes to qf_choices.

fixed qf_choice; now works for radio and input list. Need to make similar fixes on qf_choices.

more fixes for qf_choice and qf_choices

fixes to qf_choice, qf_choices, qf_options

fixing html validation for example, ids must begin with letter.

fixing bug in logic for qf_close

adding working example for qf_* forms

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minor revisions

procs pass preliminary tests with these fixes and adjustments.

more bug fixes, and reducing inconsistencies

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bug fixes to form code

adding label tag to input

1st draft qf_choices, untested

1st draft qf_choce, untested

fixing typos, progress on general bulk inputs, untested

various code revisions, still working on qf_choice and qf_choices, all untested

fixing bad test. string match glob doesnt work for this scenario, replacing with regexp

adding donb's 1.26 revsion back in.. I accidently overwrote it.

more quoting..