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adding the deputy Tcl procs that seems to have been lost (or maybe we forgot to add them)

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made the callbacks_array entry in the action data structure an array list rather than a nested list. I think this is what was intendend and the change was needed to make the workflow::action::get_callbacks proc work

fixed mistyped array name for action callbacks - was actions_array but should be action_array

Oracle query bugfix in the lars_blog__rss_datasource proc. The outer join should be on the categories table not the entries table

adding the show_groups_p flag that allows you to include the basic user info edit form without the groups listing

adding missing noquote in include tag

optimization from Heidelberg: changing to use persons table instead of cc_users when restriction to registered/approved users is not needed and the persons table has all columns we need

Making call to relation_add (on pages parties/new and users/new) not use the form_id and variable_prefix switches as doing so would make package_instantiate_object look for a rel_id in the form which wasn't there. This is analogous to fix in version 1.5 of groups/new.

Showing maturity on the package install page. Renaming apm_maturity_int_to_text to apm::package_version::attributes::maturity_int_to_text (in namespace where it belongs)

Adding the role_ids switch to the workflow::case::role::add_assignee_widgets proc. With that switch you can add assignee widgets for a restricted set of roles

Making downloading of zip archives of file storage folders work on solaris: Changing ArchiveCommand parameter default value to use gzip instead of the z argument to tar which is not supported in Solaris

adding the item::delete PL/SQL wrapper proc

Adding folder::delete proc which is a start in having a Tcl wrapper API for the content folder PL/SQL functions like we already have for items

removing absolute path to wget as it may vary from server to server

Making keepalive time out its request to the db test page after 6 seconds. Reducing number of tries to 6. Making it possible to run keepalive quite often by introducing the seconds_between_restarts parameter so that for example you can tell keepalive to never restart a server more often than every 10 minutes

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Adding new package version attributes maturity, license, and license_url. Introducing the concept of dynamic package version attributes so that these can be added easily in the future. The attributes are driven by a metadata spec returned by the proc apm::package_version::attributes::get_spec.The attributes are stored in the skinny table apm_package_version_attr and managed through the Tcl API in namespace apm::package_version::attributes. Changing the parse and generate info XML file procs to use the dynamic attributes. Adding the dynamic attributes to the manifest XML file as well. The attributes are editable in the APM admin UI.

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making login proc error if it fails to login user. Adding some aa_log statements to make it easier to see what's going on during a tclwebtest test case (in particular which URLs are being requested)

adding tclwebtest API in acs-automated-testing package. Adding a simple example test case.

making sure that after submitting a task you are redirected back to the case page. ticket 49

On Leiden's request changing the message listing on the case page so that now we show messages even if there is an assigned task that will respond to the message. ticket 28

fixing ticket 52. Making enroll_user proc check whether user is already is enrolled and just return if he is.

adding a simple example tclwebtest test case that creates a test user and logs him in over HTTP, requests a web page, and then teardowns the user. In order to do this I copied over some procs from etc/install/tcl to tclwebtest-procs.tcl. The procs in etc/install/tcl should go away as we have tclwebtest fully integrated in acs-automated-testing

I18N: A first stab at internationalizing Bug Tracker by Nima and Joel. This commit will probably introduce a number of bugs. You may use the before-i18n tag for reverting or for seeing how things have changed.

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Adding ability to specify a stylesheet to be used for a certain simulation. Adding column sim_simulations.stylesheet to existing upgrade script.

fixing a number of bugs in the casting algorithm

adding missing space in the localization-abmon message

making sure the message counts are correct. Not displaying deleted messages except when you chooose deleted in the filter

The check on the permissions/one page to prevent the admin from revoking read permission for the public on the main site package was broken. Fixes bug 1680

making top page work with top version 1.2. Noquote fix on index page. Patch 473 fixing bug 1679.

removing abort switch from call to ad_returnredirect (switch no longer supported)