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Whitespace cleanup

wrong variable name on debug message.

Adding per case flushing.

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small modifications to css for bug-tracker.

setting filename on response headers when downloading patch.

Exporting page variable as well.

- use property "doc(title)" instead of property "title" to get rid of warnings in error.log

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Geting rid of all calls to ad_table. Geting right metadata functionality (dynamically insertion into forms and reporting)

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- replace deprecated calls => export_vars

- replace deprecated calls => export_vars

Commiting changes done localy on openacs.org to the oct-election package during the last years ( last commit on October 2008).

- replace deprecated "ad_parameter" by "parameter::get"

- removing deprecated calls

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Adding missing column to select query.

Typo on var name.

Fixing bad namespace oct_election.

Using the fisheye.openacs.org service for checking the commit history when voting.

Remove package version from catalog files

Merge from release branch to HEAD

updating catalog files

Support for view types

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updated version number to 0.52

complete spanish catalog files (many thanks to David Arroyo)

Allow admins of the blog to delete and edit comments

Changed to use the procedure and allow deleting of comments for non admins (so the blog owner can delete the comments on his/her blogs without the need to be admin of the general comments package

Made sure the attachments download with a file extension reflecting the mime type so the user can actually open the file

Added dropping of sim_cases to simulation-tables-drop.sql

Renamed an upgrade script.

Updated simulation to 1.1 so that the db upgrade scripts will be run.

Fixed a bug that caused message page for the recipient not show any attachments. Also fixed a bug which caused the attachment link to show an incorrect url.