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- replace template::util::leadingTrim by util::trim_leading_zeros

- mark template::util::leadingTrim as depreacted

- bump version number to 5.9.1d9

- use util::trim_leading_zeros instead of private function

bump version number to 5.9.1d15

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- new function "util::trim_leading_zeros" to replace "template::util::leadingTrim" or "dt_trim_leading_zeros"

- bump version number to 5.9.1d3

add function "lc_trim_leading_zeros" to acs-lang localization procs, since date-time procs are not acs-core, such that the function defined there cannot be used in the core

add missing rdbms types in .xql files (why wasn't this noticed before?)

Fix test cases for text conversion

- remove leftovers from earlier upgrades

- bump version number to 1.1.3d8

file upgrade-1.1.3d7-1.1.3d8.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

No need to pass single spaces

Improve handling of script-aborts in portlets

Don't allow negative duration periods

Remove unneeded parens

Avoid potential confusion with syntax highlighting

Improve indentation

Fix broken link

- update release date

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- Upgrade to CKeditor 4.6.2

- bump version number to 0.10

- mark richtext::ckeditor as deprecated, use richtext::ckeditor4 instead

- Align type of parameter "storage_type" with type definition of cr_items.storage_type

- bump version to 5.9.1d27

file upgrade-5.9.1d26-5.9.1d27.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Make same changes as for acs_message__new_file/13 to acs_message__new_image/15

Theme Manager:

- add local_p flag to subsite-theme:

Distinguish between locally created themes and system themes

(provided via packages)

- the default parameters of local themes can be overwritten

in the database. Therefore, when site contains many subsites,

this makes it easy to share the settings between the subsites,

without the need of creating a new theme package.

- bump version to 5.9.1d11

file upgrade-5.9.1d10-5.9.1d11.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

- fix call to acs_message__new_file() (use correct types)

- drop acs_message__new_file/13 by making last argument of acs_message__new_file/13 a default

user_id == 0 is not a valid user for the posting history

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- Don't choke on empty content

- remove duplicate delete command

- Don't call deprecated interfaces of content_revisions__new()

- bump version number to 5.9.1d3

file upgrade-5.9.1d2-5.9.1d3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.