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Make url part encoding in export_vars optional by the -base_encode flag to avoid regressions in existing code (e.g. urls containing anchors)

Show member state in user-subsites listing

- Make file more modular

- Improve documentation

Maintain group_id when usering filters (was previously lost)

Increase size of URL, remove default, since it does not match well with required/non-required

Add ability to include actual user in the access log (see as well updated sample OpenACS config file in the NaviServer repository)

Remove over-eager safety check

Prefer variable over proc to access the kernel id

Use ad_include_contract to simplify code

use API rather than duplicated SQL queries

Improve message key

Modernize Tcl code

reflow overlong lines

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add query parameters on redirect to cononical site

Make sure, return_url for complex-user-search works as well for other contexts

Don't skip the option to send a mail to the user when a return_url is specified

Improved adp-include user-subsites (which should be probably named

user-groups), used on pvt/home: instead of providing a broken link,

provide a link to the "members" page.

Fix ck-editor in connection with repeat fiels: make sure to use the actual id provided as argument (rather than the definition id of e.g. item.0)

fix spelling errors

Fix spelling errors

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Prefer spelling "Tcl" over "tcl", fixed more spelling errors

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Prefer "Tcl" over "tcl", fix spelling errors

fix spelling errors

Fix spelling errors, use OpenACS

Fix spelling errors

Fix spelling error

Standardize spelling of names of products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL, NaviServer)

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Standardize spelling of names of products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL, NaviServer, tDOM)

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Standardize names of Products (Tcl, AOLserver, PostgreSQL)

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- Fix more spelling errors

- Use uniform spelling of "Tcl"

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