rmello in OpenACS

Added tils (formerly known as 'tilmanns' to avail list.

- adding ad-one to view/edit/delete Ads. Need to take its functionality

and move to /lib as a template so it can be used in www and www/admin.

file ad-one.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

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file ad-one.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

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- Fixed bug in caterogies where it gathered custom fields belonging

to children of a category, when it should get from itself and any

parent category.

- Fixed noquote bug in index.

- Fixed bug in categories cookie trail.

- Updated documentation.

- Added -limit switch to get_assigned and get_unassigned ads to allow

for restricted number of ads to pull.

- Index page now uses list-builder (thanks Lars!!). I have to figure out

how to have dynamically-built -elements for LB.

- Fixed bug in ads query

- Fixed wrong call to Tcl functions

- Fixed link in index.adp

Many of these problems exist because I lost code in a hard drive crash

a few months ago when developing the package.

Got rid of spaces after / in lines. Fixes #1348.

Added OpenMSG's SMS AOLserver module to contrib/misc.

As soon as we can make this work under AOLserver 4 we will ask it to be

moved to the AOLserver CVS.

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- Added missing files.

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- Can't remember what I changed. It's been a month or so since I touched

the package. Promise I'll get back to it.

Granted commit privs to the press package for michaels, so he can commit

his port for PG (currently the package is oracle only).

- Moving Malte's enhanced survey from the accidentally-created "oacs4"

repository he created into openacs-4/contrib.

- Malte's commit line was:

"Added new survey module version for head."

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Adding ScreenNameP parameter, bumping version to 5.0d3

- Bumped package version

- Fixed create scripts

- Fixed callback function

- Fixed field-addedit and field-delete

- In the user registration, leaving url empty yields an error. It shouldn't, since

it's optional. Fixed.

- Commiting include-optional's documentation from HEAD.

Oh darn it.

Looks like the documentation for the <switch> tag was already in HEAD,

but I didn't notice it. So the time spent in writing the darn thing was

in vain.

Backporting the switch docs from HEAD to oacs-4-6 (includes some other things,

like documentation for include-optional).

Added documentation for the <switch> tag.

- Fixed bug where searching for maintainer would fail because the query

tried to look into screen_name in the dir_all_users view, but screen_name

is not part of the view.

- Merge "Warn if site-wide admin" fix to HEAD.

- Merge "do not allow admin to remove read from the main site" fix to HEAD.

- Warn the user if the requested user is a site-wide admin, to prevent

the user from being banned/deleted.

- Prevent admin from being able to revoke read perms from the public and

locking him/herself out. Closes: #39

- Many fixes.

- More API refactoring (needs more).

- ad-new not working because I need to figure out a problem with default


- Fixed bug in Tcl callback

- Added Price custom site-wide field.

- TODO: Need to make the widgets table probe the templating system.

- More per-category fields changes.

- Get rid of fields.xql and use API.

- Gave Steve Ivy permissions to contrib/packages/form-to-mail

- Realized I made a boo-boo by adding the keyword_id column that allows

per-category custom fields to the wrong table. Moved it to ca_attributes

and changed pl/pgsql and tcl api's accordingly.

- Create index in ca_attributes to improve speed. Still need to assess

where else we need indices.

- Changed API a bit. A couple functions named _exists_p were not boolean

at all, hence confusing.

- Updated user/admin files to reflect changes.

- Adding of custom fields now lets site-wide admin add site-wide custom

fields, otherwise only package-wise custom-fields.

- Improved fields UI. Needs more work.

- Updated Tcl callbacks.

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