michaels in OpenACS

update acs-admin cache page to work with both naviserver and aolserver

provide package_id to cr_import_content calls within fs::add procs so that objects reflect the package they are created in

regsub empty parens from search query - tsearch doesn't like 'em

ppthtml is now catppt, part of catdoc package on most distros

catch mime initialization when processing incoming messages so corrupted messages don't blow up queue sweeper run

don't qoute boolean vars when initializing tinymce init params

if processing of email message causes an error, keep it locked to prevent repeated attempts by sweeper and memory leakage

exclude null paths from cr_files_to_delete for oracle - previously committed fix for postgresql

tighten protocol regexp - was matching any word immediately followed by : within a valid html attribute

make sure we exclude null paths from cr_files_to_delete

fix for bug in tinymce init code regarding booleans

bad cache key causing incorrect results to be returned

clearly nobody's ever called this proc - fixed small typo

daveb's fix from hub for urls in notifications - still is broken for host-node mapped urls

div tweak for api browser from redwylie

allow - in variable names

adding thick/thin template

accidentally dropped a brace from after upgrade callback proc

add new 3 column template

fixed pagination error in this seldom used (and fairly useless) page

part 2 of (temp) fix - added bit to sweeper that clears out invalid (unauthorized) notif requests

added security check to notifications sweep query - without this check and with no mechanism to remove requests for users who are no longer authorized, notifications still go out. not good.

fix this broken and probably unused list filter template

passthru group_id for subgroup adds

default to authority sort order rather than assuming local authority

add allow_complete_url flag to ad_returnredirect for password recovery url

remove html security check bypass for admins in the richtext validation per OCT discussion

change some ns_logs to debug rather than notice, remove some random debugging junk

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initialize richtext widget for non content attributes (this stuff still needs to be cleaned up)

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small fixes to bulk action functionality