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- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

- Fix for Tcl 8.5: OpenACS did overwrite the Tcl built-in command

"::apply" and broke therefore all scripts/libraries using it.

Changed the name of the OpenACS function to "ad_apply" and altered

the few occurances. The fix works as well with Tcl 8.4. The proper

fix for 8.5 would be to use instead of the function the expand

operator {*}

Checking if parameter XinhaDefaultPlugins exists and has no empty value; otherwise upgrades from 5.1.x will brake.

Fix a lot of typos

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Add form::get_properties

Fix dave's fix :)

Add missing query for question choices stored in CR filesystem

I had forgotten to add the "apm_package.is_child" function to 5.5 ...

Added link to the OpenACS tutorial. Page cleanup

Fix for bug 3153 to 'consider anonymous users' was wrong. rolling back.

Don't quote URLs used in javascript

Fix typo

Fix bug introduced in 5.4 that would cause perms not to be removed when leaving a group.

Fix the name of a variable that is used inside a message

Fix form declarations

Fix form declaration syntax

Version numbers bumped to 2.5.0.

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Fix the display of all-day events when the calendar grid starts at midnight

Nor did the .lrn package version bumps get committed ...

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Somehow managed to forget committing the version bump to 5.5.1 to CVS

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5.5.1 final documentation

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Changelog for 5.5.1 Final

The after upgrade callback needed a documentation block.

Bumped version number to 5.5.1b1 in preparation for release.

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Fix redirect when ForceHostP is true. Fix redirect to/from HTTP/HTTPS where full URLs are used.

Changed a query to use cr_revisions directly rather than as_item_choice's

select view, because (ahem) assessment doesn't actually create type metadata

for its types so the view is never created.

Fixing an issue for those instances that dont have a global folder.

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Fixing the property group forms, so they dont refresh the whole page but just the content area.

Removing the "Act" node from the activity tree.

Fixed the tree to take the isvisible default as true.

Showing the "select resource" message only if there is more than one resource.

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package_exec_plsql didn't work if the sql proc being called has a parameter

named "package_name"...