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improve Oracle compatibility

Minor CSP improvements

- provided ability to add "trusted-types" and "require-trusted-types-for"

directives (Trusted Types policies)

For details, see:


- changed default "object-src" from 'self' to 'none'

improve Oracle compatibility

register URN for highcharts from CDN only, when highcharts package is not installed

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file jquery.ui.touch-punch-0.2.3.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Added support for drag&drop on reorder items for mobile devices

Additionally, provided a minimal width for drag items (there is probably a better solution for this)

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fix icon for boostrap5 (CSS value)

change datatype to file to ensure template::data::validate::file is executed

register javascript click event for adding a calender entry only once for each day

before javascript event was registered multiple times: for each day and for each calender event

javascript click event for adding a calender entry was also fired when a calender event was viewed

Deescalation: the usage of the pairs in export_vars is not so dangerous as it looked at first sight.

The problem case was originating from the call

lappend __vars [lindex $_var 0] [uplevel subst [lindex $_var 1]]

which calls Tcl's "uplevel" with two arguments. In this case, the arguments

are concatenated and the evaluated in the caller's frame. There is a substitution

before the evaluation. When just one argument is passed in, this problem there

is only one evaluation:

lappend __vars [lindex $_var 0] [uplevel [list subst [lindex $_var 1]]]

avoid subst in export_vars when not necessary

avoid subst in export_vars when not necessary

avoided subst in export_vars when not necessary

added warning to export_vars

Added support for passing parameter_name:value_constraint to xowiki::Package->get_parameter

- The get_parameter method can get values from query-parameters, therefore

we have to validate these.

- Use the new feature at several places (especially for boolean values)

- Still, more places should be checked

- bumped xowiki to 5.10.1d37

- bumped xotcl-core to 5.10.1d14

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add missing brackets

added optional parameter "-timeout" to "CACHE eval ..." method

make ad_sanitize_filename more robust to filenames with parentheses + extend automated tests

ensure year has only 4 digits

new API call util::potentially_unsafe_eval_p

Check content of the string to identify potentially unsafe content

in the provided string. The content is unsafe, when it contains

externally provided content, which might be provided e.g. via

query variables, or via user values stored in the database. When

such content contains square braces, a "subst" command on

theses can evaluate arbitrary commands, which is dangerous.

The new API call is used in "::xo::Package->return_page", where the

"subst" command stripped from its command substitution capabilities.

In case, command subsitution is needed, perform this prior this call.

bumped acs-tcl to 5.10.1d23

bumped xotcl-core to 5.10.1d13

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check queuing situation for every connection pool

Allow to deactivate client-side double click prevention by setting DefaultPreventDoubleClickTimeoutMs to 0

Add vtt mime type to CR

file upgrade-5.10.1d4-5.10.1d5.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

generalize handling of premature ends of request processing at client side

added package parameter DefaultPreventDoubleClickTimeoutMs for default timeout of double click handler

added double-click prevention class to submit widget

allow passing of template variables as icon name (which are resolved later)

more beautification of admin pages, make interface more consistent

There is no year zero in the Gregorian calendar