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switch from xo::db::sql to acs::dc interface

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Basic test of the proctoring upload endpoint

Switch to a select widget to keep a more predictable vertical size in case of many time presets

Prefer "::acs::dc call ..." over "::xo::db::sql::..."

Use the common new acs interface rather than the xotcl-core variant.

Goal should be on the medium time range to replace all of the

"::xo::db::sql::*" interface.

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Align names used in utility db functions in Oracle and PostgreSQL

Over the years, the names used in the function for PostgreSQL and

Oracle drifted away, which is a problem when using call-by-name

convention for stored procedures. Furthermore, recent Oracle versions

do not allow attributes named "table" (for table_name). So the longer

version is now used uniformily. Fortunately, nsf allow abbreviation

for named parameters (like Tcl does), such one can use both

"-table_name" and "-table".

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d7.

file upgrade-5.10.1d6-5.10.1d7.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Notify new revisions on a proctoring artifact on the object's websocket, in a way that the users list, already designed to refresh in case on messages, will display new information when the revision is proceeding

Fix typos

Generate the fullscreen preview element in javascript and make it a child of the body, so that it can expand to the full page also when the include itself would be rendered in a smaller container

Implement a pre-selection filter for timeframes, which can be extended using downstream specific logics

make sure, the dependencies are aligned (drop of xo::site_node)

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remove call of xo::site_node

make sure not to swallow error conditions, as the previous changes did.

This change will report an error in the systemlog when called on invalid objects/data

Various changes on the proctoring artifacts users list:

- display some statistics on the collected artifacts for each user: count, number of reviewed, number of flagged, plus a colored progress bar indicating the review status, orange when in progress, red when completed with flags and green when everything is ok

- switched to a template::list to avoid too much handcrafting

- removed the red delete button from the top of the page, redundant, since we have the bulk actions on the list

- refined the behavior of the bulk-action delete button: it will be disabled when nothing is selected

- now we always trigger a reload when new artifacts are received for this object, but we cap it to 60 seconds

Store the string "false", not the boolean false

Improve spelling

Fine-tuning the new db function interface


# Check, wether we have to regenerate the database function interface.


# - During initial setup, there are no db-functions, so nothing has to

# be done.


# - During regular startup of the server, the generation of the stub

# interface happens in the *init procs (hopefully this is always

# sufficient, but seems so)


# - During reloads of acs-db-*-procs, the base classes are interface

# objects are recreated and cleaned up from all prior definitons,

# which means that in this situations, we have to regeneate the

# interface.


# - One might call manually the regeneration, when database functions

# have been altered and no restart is desired.


Use a full join so that in case of (normally minimal) unalignment between camera and desktop, we still display every artifact

avoid dead operations

Keep making sure permission exists

Reform of site-nodes-procs

- made XOTcl2 based implementation of site-nodes usable during

initial bootstrap

- made new site-node cache implementation working for Oracle

- now, the same code works during bootstrap, for PostgreSQL and Oracle

and independent of xotcl-core being installed or not.

- removed old and broken nsv-based site-node cache

- reduced need of .xql files (removed query for delete.delete_site_node)

- moved deprecated calls to deprecated-procs.tcl

This change make the code much clearer and eases maintenance and debugging.

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Update of SQL function calling interface to make it usable during initial bootstrap

- add sanity checks and produce error messages,

when function args are incorrect.

- do not throw errors in case it is called before the

table acs_function_args was created (during boot)

- added preliminary "list" call to acs::dc

- added first *-init.tcl to be called after loading

the *-proc.tcl files.

- removed all references to the ::xo::* namespace

file 00-acs-tcl-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Make parameter::get_from_package_key usable during inital boot

This change makes parameter::get_from_package_key usable during

initial boot, i.e. before the table apm_parameters is created.

In these cases, the function returns just the default value.

Support memory units as default of the cache sizes

update questionable test slightly

Fixes for Oracle 19c: made set_live_revision compatible with postgres version

Fix expression

Allow to filters also by timestamp, start or end

file upgrade-5.10.1d5-5.10.1d6.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.