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Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
Added validation on values provided for options

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this warning is just important for applications using an fc-repository

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Put more info in the warning

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Allow to pass the doc array to the master (e.g. for the title)

use icanuse machinery for "ns_reflow_text -offset"

improve comment

fix default value for nls_language

prefer "string first" over "string match" (the first one is slightly faster)

Streamline idiom

Whitespace cleanup

Do the transaction only if necessary

Break overlong lines

Add multiselect to the widgets we check

Fix validated input format

Restrict new widget validation of options to select and radio, not every widget must restrict the values to the options property

Apply a date-aware validation

Trap the case where invalid dates are supplied to the proc

Cleanup redundant validation

Implement a hook for widget-specific validation and use it to enforce that widgets that specify a list of options must return a value that belongs to those options

Add input validation

Don't pass around variables that are not meant to be changed by the UI as hidden fields

Fix typo

no need for curly braces

extend test cases

improve documentation and streamline code

do not allow to edit unresolve links during the exam, but allow this in the preview mode

Inform widget: do not render any input element alongside the form value

Check if o is an object only once, use nsf idiom to check for a class, unwrap idioms

Port edit-new policy rule from original policy1 object, so that unresolved links can be rendered correctly

Fixes xowf create_composite_test_item automated test

Use package_id instead of the package object

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