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extend regression test

extend regression test

mark unused "content::item::get_context" deprecated, since it should be called on "acs_object"

extend regression test

improve code orthogonality: support "acs_object::get ... -element" similar to "party::get"; return dict from acs_object::get

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add tests for "acs_object::get ... -element"; use "string equal" instead of "string match" (since the latter is semantically incorrect)

provide friendly error message in error.log in case provided answer-values (for e.g. MC) are invalid

relax creator check, return package instance name in result dict

support messages with multiple arguments

reduce verbosity

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don't use numbers as object names for actions; don't show "1" for navigation, when there is a single question

added test cases, improved test coverage

edit-item workflow: remove "view" form swa actions

fix typo

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added parameter "-parent_id" for "abstract_page" to allow a developer to point to a single folder

remove leftover from ancient times (set it -deprecated and -private)

Remove redundant 'apm_package_instance_delete'

Cleanup after test

Port of downstream logic: do not use a hardcoded list of local authorities, but rather check if the authority implementation is local, which would handle also other downstream local authorities

Rework the idiom to perform cheap checks first and improve documentation

Create a test user for the 'create_form_with_form_instance' test case, instead of using the current one, and use its 'user_info' in the calls to 'acs::test::http'

Prefer using 'user_info' over 'user_id' when calling 'acs::test::http'

remove obsolete files

Add 'acs_api_browser_search' test case, covering the api proc search of the 'api-doc' webpage

Piggyback some more api to existing tests

added test case creating a text- and MC-item and an inclass exam

file test-item-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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reduce verbosity

::xowiki::test::create_form_page improve ease-ness to work with autonamed entries: return request dict containing page_info

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Whitespace cleanup

Fix var name