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a little house keeping

re-port of new-portal

added batched notification capability (still alpha with lots of logging)


Applying patch #249 for SDM #1531, which moves the 'already installed' stuff down at the bottom of the page.

fixed forums for new notifications (PG version)

ported notifications to PG (the new stuff)

removed bogus file

added creation of content-repository-content-files dir and pageroot/www/graphics dir and copy

removing multiple revert_update queries

added dotlrn_graphics_url var so that the graphics can go in a dir that everyone can read [server_page_root]/graphics. users have to create and copy the dotlrn gifs to this dir. this may not be the long-term solution to this problem, but it's a workaround.

some uncommited changes

fix some more typos

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fixed typo

reporting to PG

fixed notifications and forums for replies

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adding replies

fixing mis-named query in revert code

fix typo

moved the note to modify file-storage-init

adding space before checked

created a rename_folder method.


optimized tree trigger a little bit

adding empty results text

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fixing parameter::get calls in default master; providing reasonable default to dotlrn_community::get_package_id

new is done differently

removing some useless pre tags

was out of sync with postgres version, was missing timestamp type