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Add missing parameter to include doc

fix documentation bug #3369

Add ad_include_contract and documentation to this page

Use ad_include_contract on this page

Replace custom arg checks with proper ad_include_contract

Fix doc

Add @see in deprecated proc

Add some @see in deprecated procs

Fix contract doc

Use ad_include_contract and revise current usages (e.g. write_p was not used anywhere)

Use ad_include_contract on this page

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Bring all sql inline

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Replace silent catch idiom

Use ad_include_contract

Whitespace changes

Add missing 'title' parameter to 'content::item::upload_file', which is checked in the proc and probably not materialized out of thin air.

Use '::content::item::get_content_type' instead of the deprecated '::content::item::content_type'

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add procdic for private function

Cookie security reform:

- fix handling of persistent logins while addressing problems of last commits

- increase usage of try/throw to be able to distinguish exceptions

- fix handling of LoginTimeout 0 in cryptographic expiration

- use [ad_conn behind_secure_proxy_p] on more occasions, where

security::secure_conn_p is used (maybe fold these together in the future)

- new private proc security::log to ease debugging of cookie management

- further improved documentation

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provide ip address to be stored in acs_objects on save operation

improve comments

whitespace changes

prefer dict over Tcl array

reduce redundant lookups in auth::check_local_account_status

Use '::content::item::get_content_type' instead of the deprecated '::content::item::content_type'

Use '::content::item::get_content_type' instead of the deprecated '::content::item::content_type'

Trailing whitespace cleanup

Deprecate '::content::item::content_type', which is exactly the same proc as 'content::item::get_content_type'. Weird.

Wrap legacy and current ns_http api behavior in a proc with a common interface in a way that people with newer Naviserver can exploit e.g. ns_http run capabilities (in particular, not being forced to queue and potentially block concurrent HTTP requests)

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- fix serveral documentation bugs (align decumentation with implementation)

- use "throw" as well for invalid cookies (in addition to non-existent cookies)

Use ad_include_contract for this include page