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- provide parent_id for import (instead of folder_id)

- provide more clever return_button for import form

- render includelet rss-button with link from current folder

- render includelets book and toc from current_folder

- provide query parameter parent_ids for RSS

- provide parent_id for Weblog

- new method Page.get_folder

- added import-link to standard menu

- updated prototype page en:news

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Removing previously added streamSpooler object. Used only in our local code.

Falling back to locale en_US and charset UTF-8 in case there is an error fetching them.

- update page_template, when formpage exists already

i18n of permission's denied message.

Adding streamSpooler object. Which is useful for forwarding, in the background, a stream of data to a connection channel.

- update simplifed folder form

- simplified folder form

- fix last-minute-change

- bump version number to 0.126

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- minimize damage of yui skin on standard openacs layout

- continue to experiment with more generic menues

- allow empty parent_id in make_form_link

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I somehow managed to avoid commiting the "is_child" addition to apm-create

and also the upgrade script.

- minor typographical corrections

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- move permission checking in the view method towards the begin to prepare work on more generic menues

- flush cache entry in transform root folder

- add flog for parent_id in count_usages

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- obtain acs-object of folder (needed often for permission checking)

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Forgot to create a minimized version of my RTE modifications.

Made the SCORM stuff from ilias honor the optional xml:base tag which may

be specified in a resources or resource tag. Not only does this make our

port of their stuff more compliant, but it simplifies the integration of


more procs, new energy-procs file for energy related forecasting

preliminary gl_array_create added

more procs, adding GL builder and utilities, compute parameters

Fix single quotes around string in procedure call

adding qaf_depreciation_schedule

Added catalog and one catalog file for the "duplicate course" error message.

Major shuffling of stuff, some datamodel corrections, improved error

handling (dupe course gives error), bombed course uploads rollback, etc.

- fix test files__tcl_file_common_errors

- report errors as such in aa-test (wrote warnings into error log, this was ignored since ages)

- fixed naming in acs-tcl, acs-mail-lite and acs-subsite