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- fixed bug (backport of fix in rev 1.74 of postgresql/apm-create.sql)

- bump version number to 5.6.1

fix bug #3211

add missing message key

In display mode, minute and second fragments should be the same size as the hidden widget value (usually 2).

fix typo

calendar popup widget fixes

add application_data_links::get_links_to proc (there was only get_links_from)

remove conflicts in html docs

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fix broken image paths

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- fixed severe vulnerability with path traversal attack

- Fix for Tcl 8.5: OpenACS did overwrite the Tcl built-in command

"::apply" and broke therefore all scripts/libraries using it.

Changed the name of the OpenACS function to "ad_apply" and altered

the few occurances. The fix works as well with Tcl 8.4. The proper

fix for 8.5 would be to use instead of the function the expand

operator {*}

disable old integer limit that forbids objects with more than 8 digits via regexp

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Made the index page work even if the new "scope" column doesn't exist in

"apm_parameters" (for instance, as when one is updating to openacs 5.6.

Fix test which in one part assumed live revision and the rest of the test looked for latest revision. Second pass, all tests pass now.

OpenACS 5.6.0 docs.

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Bumped to 5.6.0.

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Added a disabled subclass for button. Grays out the hyperlink and disables


When instantiating and object of type object_type, make sure the object

we create is of type object_type.

Make content::item::new is live parameter default to f instead of empty string to match content::revision::new

Bumped to beta 3 so I could put in this important upgrade script, fixing

a problem with using package_instantiate_object to instantiate a base

(acs_object) object. Never done in core or .lrn code apparently because typically

you instantiate subtypes, but it is important to get right.

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Somebody hosed this (probably me). Never caught because no one creates a

base object directly, just subtypes of acs_object with their own (correct)

definition of a new() function.

Added Malte's patch which removes the use of /o/ when editing the css file.

I think it's cleaner this way.

Fixed the acs-developer-support css edit feature, by moving the calls to

generate footer and header html in front of the call to

template::head::prepare_multirow (which unsets them as they're processed).

If a footer or header template calls blank-master, this won't work, but

that will be the least of the problems to worry about in this case!

Added sql_timestamp as an alias for sql_date (no code)

Replace single quote in tcl string with double quotes

I somehow managed to avoid commiting the "is_child" addition to apm-create

and also the upgrade script.

- fix test files__tcl_file_common_errors

- report errors as such in aa-test (wrote warnings into error log, this was ignored since ages)

- fixed naming in acs-tcl, acs-mail-lite and acs-subsite

- complete change to acs_objects_package_idx for new creates (see http://fisheye.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS/?cs=oacs-5-6%3Agustafn%3A20100509112929)

Bumped remaining packages to 5.6.0b2

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Removed troublesome unique constraint