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fixed up use of new datetime procs

started adding supporting utility procs to datetime to support a rewrite of calendar pages... (badly needed)

placed named params in proper location

fixed redirect after cal-item-edit

added some useful links

fixed up single item view

fixed up view of calendar items and deletion of recurrences

fixed broken prco definition

fixed return_url breakage

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added style parameter to fs-portlet and used it to creawte different views

fixed up view of calendar items and deletion of recurrences

fixed admin portlet naming

adding parameter for showing/hiding of "administer permissions" links

removed permissions link

added datasource_available_p

if if the ds is available already before instering into portal_datasource_avail_map

fixed language error

fixed up casting in the calling of new content item to be better at handling nulls

making consistent

Mostly fixed subsite issues with the PG version.

now when you click on a file name it is downloaded/viewed; to view file details click on "view details"

cleaned up a bit

cleaning up a bit

added on delete cascade

if a community_key is passed in, check it instead of using the pretty_name

aks: navbar fixes

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i had removed url from the the fs_files view

keeping consistent

now using portal::mapping

fixed order of things in init

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