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Replace ad_tmpnam with new tmpfile api, cleanup temporary files

improve spelling

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Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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Improved appearance in TRN mode

- don't set "alt" attribute in classic mode by default to the title.

The title is often be provided as a message key, using it twice

causes two edit controls

- in acs-lang, the extra setting of link_html, which provided

the title attribute can be omitted, since adp:icon renders this

by itself.

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beautify TRN mode in developer support

in essence, this change switches from CSS icons to <adp:icon>

since in default setup (when no themes/icon sets are installed)

the CSS based rendering was bad. Using <adp:icon> offers

more flexibility and tailorability.

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fix wrong icon in "classic" mode (using images)

added warnings/errors in case outdated code is encountered

ensure year has only 4 digits

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Allow to deactivate client-side double click prevention by setting DefaultPreventDoubleClickTimeoutMs to 0

added package parameter DefaultPreventDoubleClickTimeoutMs for default timeout of double click handler

added double-click prevention class to submit widget

allow passing of template variables as icon name (which are resolved later)

There is no year zero in the Gregorian calendar

bumped version numbers to reflect dependency on sitemap icon

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added sitemap icon

shorten the description test and remove fa specifics

extended adp:icon

- added the feature "invisible" to <adp:icon....>

- added generic names "admin", "cog", "folder-add", "permissions", "search", and "unmount"

- added an overview page of adp-icons to the sitewide admin page

- bumped version to 5.10.1d22

UI improvements

- fixed link for reloading on apm/version-view page

- added generic icon name "check" (common icon name for checkmark)

- bumped version of acs-templating to 5.10.1d21

- bumped version of acs-admin to 5.10.1d3

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adp:icon: quote content of the "title" attribute

improved adp:icon support

- added images for arrow left and arrow right

- added arrow-left and arrow-right to the list of all supported icon sets

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added support for listing matches of multiple patterns

Just provide URN patterns separated by blanks (URN must no contain blanks)

added support for listing all registered URN of an OpenACS instance

file index.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file index.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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registered-urns: new adp-include for listing registered URNs

This function is useful e.g. for the packages using optionally

CDN or local resources. It helps an admin for testing the

registered resources (e.g. via sitewide-admin pages).

Bump version number to 5.10.1d19.

file registered-urns.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file registered-urns.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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reduce verbosity

avoid the usage of images for sorting order icons

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provided a helper proc to query the mapping of a generic icon name to a concrete

This function is necessary in boundary cases, where e.g. a display_template passes the generic

name of the icon via template variables which have to be

@-substituted before adp-tag resolution, which performs the

regular icon name mapping (otherwise, the tag resolver receives

e.g. ...name=@icon@...)

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