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updated package info for 5.2.0b1

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Evaluting the date_part in the i18N message since it wasn't executed

Added a backlink to the project. THis should be a callback, but I need this is a task for another day

Made sure the projects portlet only shows projects you have a role in, unless you are in a community. Little bit of performacne tuning on the tasks portlet

Bugfix on check_expired_orders and moved the two procs to dotlrn-ecommerce-procs.tcl

Upgrade scripts for the view fix for fs_objects

file upgrade-5.2.0d5-5.2.0d6.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-2.

New translations

Fixed the counting. Special treatment for oracle not using the "in" statement. PLEASE TEST IT SOMEONE!!!

Allow edit of custom email template

the count in fs_objects was actually counting non fs_objects as well when counting the number of elements in a folder. This has been taken care of.

Added acs-translations to the 5.2 branch. If installed it will enable convert_to_i18n to work

Added lang::util::convert_to_i18n made optional (depending on the installation of acs-translations)

Removed round corners from the title bar

Return the amount to the scholarship fund on refund

taking out debug calls

removing innecessary sub-query and adding a coalesce for null perfect_score value

Removed the filter by category_id, as we do not filter within communities by the category

Removed unnecessary parts of the query as we want to display all projects within a community, regardless whether the user has been assigned or not

Bugfix on associating assessment on prerequisite exception applications

removed i18n of group-names

fix applications export to behave more like assessment export

fixing installation of meta category relations

fix in basket query

fixing caching of meta categories

added parameter to use content-title as filename rather than content-name

Bugfix on checking for open slots

increment version, i18N package, adding lib files

increment version, i18N package

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increment version, adding upgrade procedure