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Initial import of Messages Portlet Package

Initial import of Messages Package

Initial revision

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revising sequence to use newer openacs standards. Removed the default values that assign sequence values. New ids are handled through proc api.

revising models data model to better handle revisioning and stochastic computations

- don't include YUI for toc, when not needed.

- deletged obsolete code in toc (full migration towards tree renderer still to be done)

minor model changes

adding db model for models

moving modeling functions to modeling-functions.tcl, some others to finance-procs.tcl, revisions to model_compute and test model

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- register set_instance_vars_defaults for ::xotcl::Object also for XOTcl 2.0

- remove duplicate line

- export exists method for slot

- reflect xotcl 2 developments

- make check for link to folder more robust for legacy cases

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- don't fail, if one uploads and empty archive

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minor example model adjustments, fixed report bug that set some data columns as constants, added css styles for large tables when reporing.

Cloning of a pageset (which happens when we create a user-specific layout)

wasn't copying the url_name.

added more flexibility to reporting function. Added more error checking to model_compute iterations. added automatic variable tracking (and fixed related references)

increasing example model complexity to provide more practical information. model results do not match spreadsheet model yet.

Enhanced the documentation of [set_encoding]

Turning on some debug and failure reporting which i previously had commented out

First step in turning ad_http* and util_http* charset- and encoding aware. I added a new helper proc [set_encoding] which handles charset resolution and mapping between IANA/MIME charset names and Tcl encoding names. Currently, this works for the reply-side in GET and POST requests.

Some fixing of the IANA/MIME charset and Tcl encoding handling for the xotcl-core HTTP client infrastructure

We need min_level to be substituted so we build the list with 'list' command instead of using braces.

more sane handling of duplicate naming, now appends count *before* file extension

making album exports more robust for cases where there can be recovery errors due to corrupted data

- allow returnredirect to external url, which is under control of the script

- add explicit attribute "method" to xo::HttpCore

- add table field trype HiddenField

- make all files in xowiki usable for "::xo::library require ..."

- don't call "is_link_page" on Package objects

- reset values in reused formfields (necessary for e.g. weblogs)

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