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fixed broken queries. patch by guan@unicast.org

Added files for Search package service contracts

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silly me, accidentally added backup files to the cvs. bad dan

more recruiting fixes

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* Got rid of all the proc_doc's

* Moved comments that were outside or in function comments to within

ad_proc documentation block.

* Added documentation where it was missing and I could figure out what

the function was supposed to do.

* Added explanation as to why the function was deprecated where I knew

the reasons

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* Added documentation for db_multirow -local switch

* Added db_multirow to developer's guide (I classify it as "Basic API")

* Added documentation for db_multirow's -local switch to both places

(developer's guide and kernel documentation -> Should we merge these??)

put \\ at the end so it doesn't get confused

@, #, %, &, and + are also special characters because of urls. we might think

about just replacing any non-alphanumeric or space character with an


db_nextval further modified to be more compact, and logging set to the debug level

Fixed a bug I introduced while making so the user didn't have to make

two extra clicks just to confirm s/he didn't need shipping when no shippable

items are present in the order.

In the current brain dead e-commerce page flow, process-order-quantity-shipping

*must* be called no matter what, because that's the page that actually gives

ec_items prices, and without them the user ends up with a $0 total for his

order, always.

moved ad_parameter_from_file call from parameter::get to

parameter::get_from_package_key since you would only use a package_key to get

a value from the configuration file anyway.

made download-archive and the publish_object_to_file_system api file system

safe, that is, removed file system special characters according to the

'filename' tcl api.

@see http://dev.scriptics.com/man/tcl8.3/TclCmd/filename.htm#M29

hacked db_nextval to take both standard PG sequences and view-hack sequences into account

file_storage__get_package_id was looking through the item's children rather

than parents in its attempt to find the root folder associated with the item.

Someone else commited a fix that wasn't complete as it wouldn't work for items

in nested subfolders. Perhaps today's scripts would work but a general fix

seems better.

changed parameter declaration from integer to alias for..

Left a "=" dangling. Fixed.

removed table aliases from dml stmt since PG dosen't like it. it's only updating one table anyway, so it's not necessary. fix from janine sisk.

Finished merging with openacs-4-6-devel-2002-08-05"

Initial revision

OpenACS update 2002-08-05

  1. … 44 more files in changeset.
the query was bad when there was more than one query. Thanks Deds Castillo.

added coalesces (where there's nvl's in the oracle version) to fix the perm bug where reg'd users can't see forums or posts

fixed order of define_function_args for dotlrn_community__new and also added default value of false for archived_p. also placed the define_function_args calls next to their plsql procs so it is easier to see when the parameter lists don't match.

If shipping isn't required, don't prompt user about it.

If the order does not require a shipping address, then don't make the user

see a message "You don't need a shipping address. Click here to continue".

Just redirect to next page with appropriate params.

Added user info to shopping cart, if the user is logged in.

* Replaced 7-sisters.net hard-coded URL for check for file

(i.e. gift-certificate-billing instead of

http://7-sisters.net:8443/store/gift-certificate-billing) from

several address-related pages.

* shopping cart page is now fully templated instead of building a big hunk

of html (tm) and spewing it back.

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fixed incorrect ordering of parameters

allow limited users with more than 1 comm to customize their portal. i forgot they had one

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