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fixed dotlrn::is_package_mounted to check if the package is mounted directly

under dotlrn, i.e. /dotlrn/bulk-mail, not

/dotlrn/classes/foo/bar/bar-summer-2002/bulk-mail. if any code depended on

this broken behaviour then that code will have to be fixed.

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added support for the new 'forums' package (olah)

fixed a bunch of queries that were select

s instead of perform.. file uploading works on pg now

fixed a query that used select instead of perform

added Tracy's fix for the hex conversion

Fixed a bug reported by Andrew Grumet (in the forums) - the default parameter

value could be returned at times even if a value was set. This happened

if you added a parameter because the cache update query was wrong. Rebooting

would fix it so no one had noticed ...

Trailing comma after the last column in a create table doesn't work ...

fix navbar for when there is no root_folder_id

fix up the ui a bit and use the new base_url arg to


adding base_url arg to get_attachments so that we can better control the

system. there is no need to assume that attachments is mounted under the

current package.

fix a few bugs in the oracle packages and one type in the tcl library

initial dotlrn recruiting app. so far just the datamodel, no api.

Initial revision

mostly changes to support the new dotlrn reseach paper module. also some user

type functions to provide an api to access the user type data

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add_attachment_url now takes an optional folder_id argument to use as the root


initial version

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Initial revision

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added rel_type and segment_id columns to dotlrn_user_types table and

dotlrn_users view.

Moved double-click check up before we create the user, so we don't get the annoying error message in the error log. Also, got rid of the from the error we spit out if something does go wrong, since this variable is not defined, so we'd get a database error, then an internal server error.

Added focus on email address.

*** empty log message ***

added outlook PG support

Added "-export" to simplify the exporting of local tcl variables in the


fix cloning bug

Use new term stuff and added maxlength attributes to several html text input widgets

Use new dotlrn_term::get_future_terms_as_options proc instead of nasty oracle only query

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take out oracle only query in .tcl file. added smarter term_year generation

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fix typo in comment

increase term_year col to 9

increase term_year lenght to 9