ryang in OpenACS

add missing message keys

add missing message key

fix action url for host mapped subsite compatibility

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In display mode, minute and second fragments should be the same size as the hidden widget value (usually 2).

fix typo

Fix redirect to referrer

Fixes for oacs-5-7 compatibility

Fix subsite search

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bump version number

Fix search delete trigger

Fix page title

Fix RestrictErrorsToAdminsP parameter behaviour, which previously did nothing.

calendar popup fixes - date range and month combo box display quirk

calendar popup widget fixes

allow for the extension of an existing form with an AOM object view form

merge new application_data_link::get_links_to proc from oacs-5-6 branch

add application_data_links::get_links_to proc (there was only get_links_from)

allowed roles field added to workflow action editor

Reverting unintentional commit

Bug fix: grant read permission on individual bug if access policy is show user bugs only.

use parameter for bug name in message key

export return_url to form

make description field dates between edit and view more consistent and readable.

add drop table cascade

fix multirow variables

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minor css tweaks

centralize navbar css in bug-tracker.css

remove conflicts in html docs

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fix broken image paths

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fix broken image paths

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