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typographic changes, most prominently, more consistent comma settings

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* tests/*.test: Add 'package prefer latest' to remaining test files.

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Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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Rewrite URLs containing as authority to

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Fix typos

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Improve spelling

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- fix text for Tcl 8.7

Make cmd-literal tests conditional on a (future) Tcl release: 8.6.7

cmd resolver work - fix test, when OS specific cmd resolver is used from a NSF_CSC_CALL_IS_COMPILE frame - improved output from __db_show_obj: put results into one line instead of multiple lines - new debug function __db_get_obj: return into about a tcl_obj in form of a dict (in general, one should not rely on Tcl_Obj internals, especially when upgrading over major Tcl versions, but for testing/understanding behavior etc., such a command is helpful). - extend regression test

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Shift some atomic tests into test case

Revive and include test case on Bug 3418547

nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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nx::test: - change test cases to newer interface - don't use "namespace import nx::*" in test cases when not required

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Fix the 86-specific tests to reflect the object-modifier reform

- tcl86.test: better implementation of method "each", cleanup and extension of enumerator tests

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- extended regression tests for yield - implemented "next" for ruby-like enumerators (each needs still more work)

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- fix test for 8.6 to use nx prefix

* make sure to create the cmds for objects with Tcl_NRCreateCommand() to choose trampoline-path in the trunk version of Tcl

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* fix compilation for tcl-head in fossil * deactivate coro regression test, since it is apparently broken for tcl-head in fossil (stack frame seems to be lost after a yield)

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- fixed langauge hooks for emacs

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- renamed nx regression tests .test to follow tcl conventions

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