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Fix wording in TODO

Leave some TODOs to think about

* nx.tcl (VariableSlot): Fix value=delete to actually accept and implement "-nocomplain". Added tests (missing so far entirely) and updated the man pages accordingly.

* nx.tcl, parameters.test (defineIncrementalOperations): Make sure value=add and value=delete actually run value checkers and, in case of "convert", pick up the conversion result. Added basic test.

* nsf.c (ArgumentCheck): Set parentheses correctly.

* nx.tcl (makeIncrementalOperations, defineIncrementalOperations): Avoid repeated slot= entries in options. Fix a typo.

* nsf.c (ArgumentCheck): Avoid double dispatching to value checkers (built-in and type=*) for "slotset" parameters. Previously, configure and then the value=set (value=add) method triggered one dispatch each. Now, the configure pass skips the check and shifts sole responsibility on the value=set/ value=add methods. Added basic test cases to parameters.test to capture the intended call semantics.

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Regenerated migration and tutorial, to account for recently fixed typos and fix markup generation

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* Unify ASCIIDOC exec configuration.

* next-migration.txt: Address some typos (thx to Guenter Ernst for reporting).

* contains.test: Add two test cases to document the recent fix on error and errorcode propagation in contains.

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

* Change another directory location to respect the INSTALLDIR setting

* Add missing header fils to install target and use STUBDIR to properly locate the generated API headers.

* nx-pp.tcl (State): Add "substdefault" to two property specs to fix markup generation for various token types (variables etc.).

* source-doc-beautifier.tcl: Allow to omit the built-in title line, to allow for custom doc and title preambles in example scripts ("-notile" flag).

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Revised Announcement

Run spell checkers and fix typos, unify writing style

Updated ChangeLog

* nx-shell.tcl, * Rename nx::shell2 to nx::shell and remove old nx::shell implemenetation. * Use new shell object in shell target.

* nx-callback.*, nx.tcl: Rename pkg "nx::traits::callback" to "nx::trait::callback".

* Update ChangeLog

* configure, aclocal.m4: Re-generated autotools artifacts to reflect changes in

* Fix bogus variable assignment.

Update announcenemt

Updated ChangeLog

* README.release: Updated

* summary.tcl: Report NSF commit id along with NSF package version.

* Get nmake syntax right. tested.