stefan sobernig <> in nsf

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Fix build environment to be able to fetch Tcl tarballs via https; updated tclkits for linux, macos, and win.

Fix version bump

Bump version number to 2.4.0

Added CI entries to README.release [skip ci]

Whitelist branches on the branches themselves

Update branch settings in CI descriptors

Update branch settings in CI descriptors

ChangeLog-2.2.0-2.3.0.log, Announce2.3.0: Updated changelog and announcement [skip ci]

doc/example-scripts/*.html: Regenerated asciidoc examples [skip ci]

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*, configure: Fix package version to include patch level (was dropped unintentionally); regenerated docs

Update copyright years [skip ci]

Update copyright years [skip ci]

Updated changelog and announcement [skip ci]

* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod): Add some comments to NsfOUplevelMethod; and clean up after rework.

Merge branch 'master' into uplevel-reform-pt2

* nsf.c, methods.test: Cont'd uplevel reform to sanitize the single-arg case (in light of recent changes to 8.7, TIP 515 and for the sake of XOTcl 1 compatibility): A single arg to uplevel won't be inspected for a level specifier anymore; added tests and TODOs

Updated changelog, fixed stats and indentation in announcement [skip ci]

* nsf-gridfs.test: Add one more piece of harness to test suite [skip ci]

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* library/mongodb/*: Ran NSF MongoDB tests, against MongoDB 4.0.9 and Mongo-C driver 1.14.0 (both, latest stable); updated accordingly, and fixed gridfs tests that hadn't been corrected for renaming README to

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* nx.tcl, properties.test: Add exists accessor to properties and variables; incl. tests and documentation

Updated changelog, fixed stats in announcement [skip ci]

Regenerated documentation

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* Remove line break in script evaluation

Bump version number from 2.3a0 to 2.3

* tests/*.test: Add 'package prefer latest' to remaining test files.

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Fix typos in ChangeLog [skip ci]

Fix a remainder in changelog [skip ci]

Done with changelog and announcement [skip ci]

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* forward.test: Constrain the max recursion depth around recursive forwards, so that we do not run into early crashes on systems with limited stack sizes (when the stack is saturated before a recursion limit is hit). This fixes test runs on MinGW/ gcc builds at AppVeyor.