gustaf neumann <> in nsf

remove comma before that

improve spelling

help static analyzer to parse statements

use consistently US spelling variants

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

update README.release to make sure, all version numbers in are updated properly

update configure file as well with NSF_MINOR_VERSION=2

bump also NSF_MINOR_VERSION after release

fix version number in

follow the Tcl, not the OpenACS numbering scheme

prefer US american spelling variants

change version number to first version number after the 2.2.0 release (2.3d0)

fix usernames at sourceforge

keep COMMIT file (as indicated in README.release)

improve wording, update change statistics

remove more files from final tar file

Don't add file COMMIT to tar file

reduve variable scopes

fix access to NULL members (found via clang sanitizer)

update diffstats

align release date

    • -3469
    • +3469
align release date

    • -6486
    • +6486
improve spelling

add paragraph for configure flag "-i-enable-development=test"

align help text with implementation

fix indentation

fix variable name

improve documentation of "substdefault" in tutorial, add it to migration guide

    • -6470
    • +6486
    • -3460
    • +3469
    • -22
    • +30
fix typo

prefer writing blocks in multiple lines