gustaf neumann <> in nsf

update REAME file

update copyright information

improve markdown

improve markdown

change READE to markdown syntax

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improve markdown

improve markdown

use markdown syntax

prefer new spelling of macOS

updating mongodb interface for 2.2: - update to mongodb-c-driver 1.11.0 - reduce number of calls to deprecated driver functions as far as possible - improve cleanness of compilation (provde prototypes etc.) - bump version number to 2.2

prefer Tcl defined types over local prototypes

Fix buggy case when blueprints are used to update interpreters with preexisting objects and classes. There, it was possible that objects are turned into baseclass objects, when the application classes are deleted.

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improve spelling

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MSVC seems to be bad on const expressions

add starmethod design study

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improve spelling

fix typo

Improve comments, unify comment formatting and whitespace cleanup

properly initialize resultObj in all cases

remove dead assignments, initialize variables also on error paths

make sure to initialize all variables also in error cases

Reduce number of implicit type conversions Avoid use of macros

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

mprove alignment of prototypes and function definitions

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

address CID 294171 and change construct for strpbrk

minor cleanup

reduce variable scope and minor cleanup

add COMPILE_NSF_STUBS to compile flags under windows

make stublib initialization more robust and provide meaningful error message in case of misconfigurations