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change READE to markdown syntax

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prefer new spelling of macOS

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updating mongodb interface for 2.2: - update to mongodb-c-driver 1.11.0 - reduce number of calls to deprecated driver functions as far as possible - improve cleanness of compilation (provde prototypes etc.) - bump version number to 2.2

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improve spelling

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update version numbers of mongo's c-driver (older versions stopped working on MacOS High Sierra)

- Don't assume that CallStackGetTopFrame0() reurns != NULL - reduce variable scopes - reduce number of returns before function end

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Run spell checkers and fix typos, unify writing style

MongoDB driver: - added explicit calls to mongoc_init() and mongoc_cleanup(). - configure via "--disable-automatic-init-and-cleanup"

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- white space change

- update README for mongodb interface to avoid potential problems on Mac OS X

MongoDB upgrade - Upgraded MongoDB and drivers to mongodb-c-driver 1.5.1, libbson 1.5.1 and MongoDB v3.4.0

- The upstream mongodb-c-driver has deprecated the old OP_QUERY syntax

with $-modifiers and old names like $orderby and $query, which will

be removed from the driver. The new interface is more in the mongodb

style, many former parameters (e.g. -limit, -skip, -project, -sort)

went to the new "-opts" argument.

mongo::collection::query /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

mongo::cursor::find /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

See the begin of nsf-mongo.test file for examples for queries

with the old and new interface. The high level interface

for nx::Object is unchanged.

- Support for new binary type "decimal128"

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- upadte version numbers in README

- updated for mongo-c-driver 1.0.2 and MongoDB 2.6.5 - minor changes were necessary: MongogDB does not allow to delete a capped collection, one has to use drop

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mongo: - upgrade to the newly released version 0.96 of the c-driver - replace deprecated function mongoc_collection_delete by mongoc_collection_remove - tested with MongoDB v2.6.1

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- tested with MongoDB v2.4.10 and J mongodb-c-driver 0.94.1

nx-mongo: - fixed suprising compiler message "alignment of array elements is greater than element size" when using e.g. "bson_iter_t i[1]" - some c-code cleanup - tested with mongodb-c-driver 0.92.3

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- mongodb's c-driver changed version number from 0.93.0 to 0.92.1; followed the change in README

- tested with mongodb-c-driver 0.93.0

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- adjust to newest version of mongo-c-driver - remove one dependency for private header file

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- represent BSON_TYPE_REGEX as pairs (regex + options) in the Tcl representation to preserve regular expression options - update to newest version of mongo-c-driver and libbson from github

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nx-monogo: - Updated the mongo-c-driver and libbson to the actual tip version from github (this is a significant change, since 10gen essentially changed the officially supported c-driver of MongoDB) - mongo-c-driver was more or less new-implementation, since strucure and names changed in the mongo-c-driver substantially, serveral functions were added, several were dropped. The new interface supports now e.g. mongo URIs, and should be faster (by using collection objects instead of connection handles) - Although the low-level nsf interface changed significantly, the high level (nx level) interface remained unaffected. - Configure has now --with-mongoc=... and --with-bson instead of --with-mongodb - New commands: mongo::collection::open /mongoConn/ /dbName/ /collectionName/ mongo::collection::close /collection/ mongo::gridfs::store_string /content/ /name/ /contentType/ - Make use of the new collection handle mongo::count /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::count /collection/ ... mongo::index /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::index /collection/ ... mongo::insert /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::insert /collection/ ... mongo::query /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::query /collection/ ... mongo::remove /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::delete /collection/ ... mongo::update /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::update /collection/ ... mongo::cursor::find /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::cursor::find /collection/ ... - nsf::mongo::connect receives now a mongoc_uri - The gridfs interface allows now to store multiple revisions of a file - The gridfs interface allows now upload files from a string - The gridfs interface allows to refer to files by other attributes than just the filename (e.g. the mongo id). - Modified/new gridfile functions mongo::gridfile::create ?-source file|string? /gridfs/ /value/ /name/ /contentType/ mongo::gridfile::delete /gridfs/ /query/ mongo::gridfile::open /gridfs/ /query/ - Updated README - Updated regression test - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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- improve performance of mongo->tcl conversion by using predefined global strings

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nx-mongo: - updated documentation (switch back to mongo-c-driver, but comment usage of tagged version v0.8.1) - added support for rep types (allow for mappings between certain instance variables such as arrays or dicts to customizable representations in MongoDB) - added nx-serialize to test cases (simple state persistance for nx objects) - added nx-rep to test cases (rep types for "array" and "dict")

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- upgrade to mongo-c-driver to 0.8.1 - added new flag "-ttl" to mongo::index - there seems to be now a differen mongo-c-driver to be the preferred one, the old one is renamed to mongo-c-driver-legacy - link against nsf-stublib - bump version number to 0.2

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monogodb: - updated to most recent version of c-driver (0.7.1) - adapted to nx 2.0b5 (use everywhere cget interface) - tested with mongodb 2.4.5

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Updated MongoDB interface - upgraded to c-driver 0.7.1 - tested with MongoDB 2.4.4-pre - new commands: * mongo::run * mongo::cursor::find * mongo::cursor::next * mongo::cursor::close - adapted interface for c-driver 0.7.1 (e.g. new optional name for mongo::index

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nsf.c: - extended nsf::method::delete to handle ensemble names


- added tk/incr-tcl style cget methods on class/object levels.

- improve copy handling with other child-types of the slot container working

- make sure to ignore non-slot-type objects in slot introspection

- worked on regression test until "methods.test". others are missing,

but maybe reconsideration

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- better error message

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- nsfmongo.c: * upgrade to newest c-driver (verison 0.3) from git. * support connection to replica sets

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- nx::mongo: * added mongo::count * obtain _id from mongo::insert * added mongo::Object.delete method for embedded and non-embedded objects * handling of mongo-embedded objects when destroying objects * simple bson pretty print function * extended examples

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