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- fix for the reported by "manfred" on comp.lang.tcl

improve cleanness of compilation

improve fall-through markup for case statements

silence gcc7+: use attribute based approach for denoting fall through in case statements

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make unused argument explicitly as unused.

improve cleanness of compilation when compiled without threads

Fix endless loop at exit, when compiled without thread support

Many thanks to Pavel Demin for reporting this bug.

Eliminate TCL_INTERP_DESTROYED flag (as suggested by TIP #543)

Update copyright years [skip ci]

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minor cleanup and extended regression test - reduce returns before end of function - reduce variable scopes - don't use variable for different purposes

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* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod): Add some comments to NsfOUplevelMethod; and clean up after rework.

Merge branch 'master' into uplevel-reform-pt2

* nsf.c, methods.test: Cont'd uplevel reform to sanitize the single-arg case (in light of recent changes to 8.7, TIP 515 and for the sake of XOTcl 1 compatibility): A single arg to uplevel won't be inspected for a level specifier anymore; added tests and TODOs

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Silence clang 8 static checker

improve documentation

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make spaces after comma regular

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avoid one-liner loop

reduce dead store operations and null after dereference

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added "pure" declarations

removed null test after dereferences, avoid potentail null dereferences in error cases

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removed null test after dereferences

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improve code safety and remove dead statement

get rid of warning of static checker, reduce number of returns before end of function

minor code cleanup

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add asserts

fix memory leak on "hyper-volatile" objects. it seems, we have to set the _is_autonamed flag in advance of obj initialization

addressing coverty defect 337829 (dereference before null check)

make spelling more consitent

Provide a more conservative change for setting autonamed flag

* nsf.c (NsfCCreateMethod): Fix access of potentially freed object to set the autonamed property (indicated by valdgrind). When destroyed and cleaned during DoObjInitialization, "newObject" will remain as a dangling pointer. Besides, setting the property before DoObjInitialization will make the object property available from within the initcmd or init method.