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add one more test to sanity check

added debugging output for a case, where a Tcl cmd looks perfectly fine, but its procPtr (scripted cases) contains invalid data

make clean compile, when TRACE flags are defined

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reduce verbosity, silence checker

Use memmove() instead of strncat() since the former supports overlapping buffers

do not try to initialize Tcl_TomMath_InitStubs when TCL_MAJOR_VERSION > 8 || TCL_MINOR_VERSION > 6

include for Tcl 8.5 tclTomMath.h to define the mp_int type

check, if the flag MP_INT_DECLARED is defined in 8.7* builds

avoid creation of Tcl_NewBignumObj() when argument is already of the bignum type

get rid of mp_free (we still need the type for mp_int)

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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nsf.c (Nsf_ConvertToInteger): Use Jan's hot fix TCL_NO_TOMMATH_H, not yet integrated into Tcl's 8.7 branch.

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make sure, variable is always initialized

make sure, result is alway initialized

improve spelling

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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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reduce debugging output

* nsf.c, testx.xotcl: Substitute tab-based indentation (1x) for space-based one (8x) for 'required argument' error msg.

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Fix potential crash, whe nsf::parseargs is called with a non-empty argspec and empty argv

Extended regression test to cover such cases.

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add missing EXTERN declarations

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typographic changes, most prominently, more consistent comma settings


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remove "default" from fully initialized switches. initialize variable to slience compiler warnings

remove redundant test

fix indentation

* nsf.c (NSDeleteChildren): Remove redundant check on NSDeleteChild, leading to endless loop.

avoid dangerous and potentially recursive macro definition "pure"

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fix compilation issues with recent version of the Tcl core-8.branch (aka newest Tcl 8.7 branch)

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don't preallocate elements in Tcl_NewListObj with 2nd arg NULL (deprecated) nsf::__db_get_obj: make sure, the returned dict is valid