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Configure nsf to keep init commands much earlier, so that we don't lose doc for nsf classes defined before xotcl-core is loaded

Move doc where the api-doc can find it

Document public api

Make service contract implementations private

Whitespace cleanup

Make test more precise: some procs have just a newline in their doc instead of meaningful documentation...

Streamline idiom


Deprecate twt::user::create and twt::user::delete, superseded by their acs::test::user:: counterparts

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    • +12
Claim additional coverage

Deprecate twt::server_url, superseded by acs::test::url

Centralize retrieval of the test URL

Deprecate old api

Increase proc coverage

Deprecate acs_message_id contract filter, superseded by object_type

Allow to deprecate ad_page_contract_filters, improve doc

Increase coverage

Increase coverage

Make category::page_url private: it is meant to be used via the service contracts and not directly

Increase proc coverage

Pass the name down to the db_multirow api, just setting the multirow name is not sufficient to "rename" a multirow

Test api to map an object to a category, which exposes a bug in category::get_mapped_categories_multirow

Increase test coverage

Deprecate color widget api, superseded by HTML5 features

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    • +22
Increase proc coverage

Increase test coverage

Fix reference in doc

Deprecate ad_approval_system_inuse_p

Fix implementation of ad_acs_admin_node so that the node_id is returned as stated in the doc

For the one occurrence that treated this proc as boolean, the result will be the same (e.g. 0 = false and any other id = true)

Test some system information api

The test shows that ad_acs_admin_node has so far returned a boolean, countrary to what the documentation says