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Merging dotlrn-all and dotlrn-extras from oacs-5-2

  1. … 868 more files in changeset.
Fixed a conflict in the file comment ...

Fixed a conflict by commenting out a line added by Malte. Will e-mail him

for better resolution if needed (the var set in that line is set with a new

value before it is ever used).

Missed this change in my 5.3 merge

Missed a one-line change from 5.2 in the merge ...

removed acs-mail-lite from dotwrk and dotlrn-all since it is now included

in acs-core.

Add Open Documents MIME types

file upgrade-5.3.0d3-5.3.0d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

file upgrade-5.3.0d7-5.3.0d8.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

Add Open Documents MIME types

Added a necessary comment to a public proc

This oracle sql file had a "postgresql" rdbms tag

And the last oacs-5-3 -> HEAD merge commit (vi was being weird on the

cvs.openacs.org server so I fixed this one locally)

First round of oacs-5-3 merge to HEAD commits

  1. … 82 more files in changeset.
Picked up some changes missed by the join of oacs-5-2 and oacs-5-3. It turns

out the cvs won't join files if it has already done some merging previously.

In this case I'd previously merged oacs-5-2 to HEAD, then branched oacs-5-3, then

reopened the 5.2 branch for minor bug fixing for .LRN 2.2.1. This confused

CVS or ... at least made it stubborn.

Some oddness with the cvs tree caused cvs to not join 5.2 with 5.3 for this

file. Resolved by committing the 5.2 version, after discussion with emmar.

Merged oacs-5-2 -> oacs-5-3 branches.

  1. … 52 more files in changeset.
Added informal salutation

Support for locales of parties. New I18N

Commented out account manager, cleaned up the code

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    • +49
Added support for multiple OO templates

Updated the sweeper to set the group as well as import the AMS attributes

Removed our converter from the scipt

Add user to default group in the sweeper

Made the upgrade ordering check ignore files that are just under the

package key in sql or upgrade directories. These are old upgrade files

(acs 3 -> acs 4, for instance) that don't follow the APM numbering

scheme (in many cases they were meant to be run manually).

Another upgrade ordering problem ...

Fixed an upgrade ordering problem

Made a freakin' bloody PG-only query db-independent. I did *not* make an

xql file for it. The person responsible for this test can do it themselves.

Fixed an upgrade script ordering problem.

Fixed an upgrade script ordering issue