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Use passed in content type, default to image

- define set on ::nx::Slot instead of ::xo::Attribute

- some updates for xotcl 2.0

fixing bad proc call

commenting out ecds_ dependency

removing defaults_meta because I am a bad boy. I did not follow the new, unpublished OCT procedures for core changes. (repeating this x100)

removing OpenGraph from default implementation, moving side-bar to ecommerce

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fixing to not serve social networking icons by default, when connected via https

adding packages/acs-subsite/lib/share-bar for share links example.

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adding OpenGraph protocol default generations for social networking

- Adding RFC 3023 XML mime type awareness to the charset/encoding

handling of the xohttp infrastructure (application/xml*, text/xml*,


- In response to an issue reported by Emma and Michael, I fixed the

erroneous double filtering of POST data for encodings/charsets.

- Going down this road, I found a bug in the block-wise delivery in

AsyncHttpRequest->send_POST_data(). The former logic did not

distinguish between byte length and byte ranges properly (length !=

index). This left deliveries beyond the max. block size with broken

when it comes to encoding filtering.

- All changes have been tested for the three main application

scenarios: blocking HttpRequest, non-blocking AsyncHttpRequest, and


removing duplicative parameter

fixing garbled character in file

adding parameters for paypal

initial procs for PayPal and social networking, untested.

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new procs

more details added

Made the index page work even if the new "scope" column doesn't exist in

"apm_parameters" (for instance, as when one is updating to openacs 5.6.

accidentally dropped a brace from after upgrade callback proc

add new 3 column template

more spreadsheet procs added, untested

Initial import of dotLRN Messages Package by pedro@viaro.net

Initial import of Messages Portlet Package by pedro@viaro.net

Initial import of Messages Package by pedro@viaro.net

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Initial revision

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filling out the r/w procs for spreadsheets.. incomplete and untested

adding some preliminary utility procs for handing spreadsheets, also minor table revisions

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fixes to spreadsheet model, calls via tcl instead of sql

Initial import of dotLRN Messages Package

Initial import of Messages Portlet Package