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- Prevent admin from being able to revoke read perms from the public and

locking him/herself out. Closes: #39

Added Brad's patches 237 and 238 ...

Added in UI to view project revisions. Fiddled with task add-edit page,

but no major changes.

Added in callbacks for instantiation and after-instantiation. However,

they don't seem to be working.

Added in data model for task constraints.

Tasks can be added en masse now

However, editing tasks no longer works.

APply patch #250 for bug#711 set context_bar.

Fix bug#711 where context is set with just the page name, context_bar has

the full context_bar. Apply patch#250.

Fix auto-mount location. Uncertain as to the change in one-postgtresql

Fixed a query bug in task-add-edit, added permissions checks to all .tcl files

these templates make things look left-justified but they are actually centered in some versions of IE. This fixes that as far as I know.

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- Many fixes.

- More API refactoring (needs more).

- ad-new not working because I need to figure out a problem with default


- Fixed bug in Tcl callback

- Added Price custom site-wide field.

- TODO: Need to make the widgets table probe the templating system.

- More per-category fields changes.

- Get rid of fields.xql and use API.

Tasks now can be edited.

clean up portrait code

file basic-info-update-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

file basic-info-update-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

Added cvs id

Added cvs Id to file.

file upgrade-0.1a-1.0.sql was initially added on branch dotlrn-1-0.

use a clob/text column for the static portlet content instead of a varchar

Took out outdated references to folders for each project.

initial import

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Initial revision

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start schecule portlet today, not 30 days ago

Added in tasks, fixed bugs/added in functionality to edit projects,

removed content repository folder for each project (only one folder

per instance now), add in style sheet, rename files in line with

openacs conventions.

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added link back to forum view from message view

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block another obvious autoresponder

add a 'back to folder view' link to file view

file file.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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