stevew in OpenACS

Reverse a change introduced in rev 1.4 which breaks the group-new

admin page

Cast arguments to acs_sc_binding__new to make sure integer version is

selected. Add error checking to text version.

Remove the semicolon

Make the site-map parameter-set page highlight parameters which have

been overridden by the ad.ini/nsd.tcl file (SDM patch #82)

Log which files get sourced during bootstrap

Load package parameters before sourcing -init files (SDM patch #91)

Make ad_require_permission return proper HTTP headers (SDM patch #89)

Change ds_require_permission to return proper HTTP headers (SDM patch


Implement check/uncheck all with Javascript (SDM patch #86)

Add ad_return_top_of_page to pages which start with an ns_write to

make sure HTTP headers get returned

Port query

Small fixes

Small fixes

Small fixes

Remove Ben's temporary hack - it breaks under Oracle if the new proc

doesn't take an object_type (eg. membership_rel). Shouldn't need this


Fix typo

Small fixes

Fix SDM bug #1153

Port queries

Order by tree_sortkey, remove redundant subquery. Not alphabetical,

but at least it's the same as the Oracle version.

Add metadata for person__new and user__new

Port a few more queries

Specify kernel package_id when getting SystemURL

Apply SDM patch #52 plus modified #53, from Gilbert Wong.

Speed up sluggish acs_object_type_supertype_map view

Port queries

Add a couple more Oracle-alike views

Port queries

Fix a db_dml

These colons should be semicolons

Fix SDM bug #979