frankn in OpenACS

Gave some Tcl files the I18N treatment. Removed duplicate key. Cleanup.

Another bunch of added I18N keys in the adp files.

A bunch of added I18N keys and catalog entries.

Resolves bug #945. Merged two duplicate I18N keys.

Resolves bug #944. Merged two duplicate I18N keys.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
A few Danish I18N translations generated while trying out the I18N


A bunch of I18N fixes for acs-subsite. More to follow.

Added missing I18N key.

A few more I18N tags added to login-status.adp.

Gave site-master.* the I18N treatment. Added a workaround, so the

'Your Account' can both be named as a kernel parameter, or have a proper

translation key.

Added I18N message keys for site-master.adp.

Resolves bug #865. Switched to acs_user::get API.

Strangely this looks like a Tcl bug. In fm_pageroot_relative_path

the two variables 'match' and 'local' did not come up as their empty

default strings on my machine. (Tcl8.3 on FreeBSD) Workaround added.

Resolves bug #806. Users, who are self registering, will have their

locale preferences set via their ad_locale cookie, if it exists.

Make lang::user::site_wide_locale_not_cached{} return the system wide

locale for non-registered users, who does not have an ad_locale cookie.

Ensure that the ad_locale cookie never expires. Oops. ;)

Part of the fix for bug #806: Store non-registered visitors locale

setting in a cookie (and not in a client property).

Small change to www/members/index.tcl, which allows non-registered visitors

to see a partial email address. Assuming they are permitted to see the members

list in the first place, of course.

Fix my own bug. My check for admin priviledges in tcl/subsite-procs.tcl

was out of context and didn't work.

Resolves bug #851. Added two new parameters, MembersCanInviteMembersP and

ShowMembersListTo, and made the subsite pages and Tcl procs honour them.

In particular subsite::get_section_info{}.

This fixes a problem with deleting an unmounted package instance.

If you added and mounted, say, a subsite instance, unmounted and then

attempted to delete it through sitemap->Manage unmounted applications, you

would get an error. It seems site_node::get_node_id_from_object_id doesn't

even fail for an unmounted package, returning the empty string in this case,

and the catch test doesn't trip. Now we explicitly test for the node_id

being set to a sensible value.

Small addition to the fix for bug #875 committed by Mark Aufflick.

Non-registered guests now get to see a partial email address in plain text.

Closes bug #854. Missing noquote, improper vertical alignment of arrow buttons.

Added double quotes around tag parameters.

Fix for bug #876. Non-members now sees a text-only email address, where

the domain has been replaced by the first two letters plus '...'.

Resolves bug #749 by appying patch #302.

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Fix for bug #847, applied patch #300.

Removed item-procs* files, as functionality moved over into


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Closes bug #654. Multiple definitions of cr_item procs, moved item procs

from cms to acs-content-repository.

Removed final instance of "This incident has been logged.".

This closes bug #814.

More for bug #814.

"Security Violation" nitpick for bug #184.