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- add nonces to script tags

- add body handlers

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- add nonces to script elements

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- bump version number to 2.9.1d2 to cause reloading of message keys

- replace onclick handler in assessment by event listener

- replace deprecated function util_unlist by lassign

- get rid of "missing formwidget" warning

- add missing message key

- simplify quoting

- provide default title

- simplify and fix default handling

- fix invalid tcl syntax ("else if" instead of "elseif")

- get rid of MISSING FORMWIDGET: session_results_3922:session_results_3922:formbutton:edit messages

- get rid of MISSING FORMWIDGET: admin_section_3922

- replace onchange handlers in assessment by event listeners

- simplify default value handling

- pass doc(title) properly

- care about nonces

- make sure, all doc properties are always passed

- simplify quoting

- add warning in case site_node::get_node_id_from_object_id returns first of many urls

- provide index pages for service packages accessible via acs-admin/lib/service-parameters adp-include (used in on /acs-admin/)

file index.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

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- white space change

- replace onchange handlers in dotlrn-fs by event listeners

- improve documentation

- add log entry, when listener is automatically registered

- add first support for monitoring respnsetime for certain urls via munin

- improve documentation, remove commented-out code

- prefer lower case HTML attribute names

- doc updates

- offer "Pages" only, when there is an index page

Added message keys for new options allowing to disable entrance and exit message in chat

Fixed typo

- replace onchange handlers in admin pages and manage membership pages by event listeners

- get rid of MISSING FORMWIDGET messages

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